Marvel’s She-Hulk Episode 6 Recap: Wedding Smashers

Warning: this story contains spoilers for Thursday’s She-Hulk Episode 6, “Just Jen.” “Yes, it’s a self-contained wedding episode,” Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) says in a fourth-wall break to start Thursday’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. “And if you think this is happening at an inconvenient time, you’re right. ‘Cause that’s how weddings always are.” When old high school friend Lulu (Patti Harrison) invites just Jen — not She-Hulk — to her wedding, Jen is surprised to see super-powered influencer Titania (Jameela Jamil) as part of the wedding party. “Titania would ‘t just show up to my wedding, trying to kill you or something,” assures Lulu. Surprise: Titania crashes the wedding to try and kill Shulky.

After thwarting Titania in court over a frivolous trademark infringement lawsuit (the second time She-Hulk beat Titania inside a courtroom), “just Jen” promises Lulu not to be “Hulk-y” at the wedding. But when Titania attacks Jen — “I literally said this isn’t over,” the pink-clad Insta-baddie says of her ongoing feud with the superhero lawyer — Jen “greens up” and leaves Titania defeated and publicly humiliated. Again.

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As She-Hulk Vs. Titania round 3 unfolds at Lulu’s wedding, back at GLK&H, Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) and Mallory Book (Renée Elise Goldsberry) take on the divorce case of “Mr. Immortal.” (It’s “pithier.”) Real name Craig Hollis (David Pasquesi), Mr. Immortal “kills” himself to get out of marriages. Except he doesn’t die. “I do die, but only in the legal sense,” he explains. “I do, ‘I die.’ But only ‘kinda die.’ But I die die.” Except he doesn’t die. Hence the name.

The case leads Nikki and Mallory to Intelligencia, a website for “hateful man babies.” This internet forum of hashtag #SheHulkHaters contains misogynistic memes and actual death threats, with one user asking: “How do we kill She-Hulk?” Mallory doesn’t want to “put that mess” in Jen’s head, but Nikki alerts BFF Jen about the Intelligencia as someone is out to steal She-Hulk’s gamma-irradiated blood.

Marvel Studios has released new images from She-Hulk Episode 6, “Just Jen,” which you can see in the gallery below. New episodes of Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law are streaming Thursdays on Disney+.

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