Strange Academy: Finals First Look

Marvel gives fans a first look at the debut issue of Strange Academy: Finals, and it shows Scarlet Witch dishing out lessons. The upcoming series from Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos continues the journey of the school for young magic users. Following the climactic conclusion of the first series, school is back in session with some familiar faces!

Strange Academy: Finals Scarlet Witch

Where Did We Leave Off?

We pick up Strange Academy: Finals right where we left off in Strange Academy. Calvin is still expelled from the school for doling out wishes to students. Meanwhile, Emily is still trapped in the Dark Dimension alongside Zoe and other students. A heartbroken Doyle is still at school, finishing up his lessons. Of course, we still don’t know who the savior of the school is and who is destined to take it all down. All of the magic in the Marvel Universe hangs in the balance and in the hands of these students.

Strange Academy: Finals Previews

Marvel’s first look at the upcoming issue features a throwback to simpler times. It shows Doyle and Emily as the power couple of the Academy. It flashes forward to the present predicament that Emily is in, where she is trapped in the Dark Dimension. Meanwhile, Doyle has no idea where Emily is and feels abandoned as he continues to go to class.

Another Strange Academy: Finals page catches up with Clavin in a clandestine meeting with Gaslamp. Unfortunately, things do not end well for Calvin as he is dragged away by the latter’s cronies. In another preview, Emily and Zoe are seen butting heads as they argue over something unknown.

Finally, the Scarlet Witch herself is seen handing out some magic lessons to students. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end well for Wanda when the missing Emily shows up. Of course, she doesn’t show up alone as Doyle’s father, Dormammu, is right on her heels.

School is back in session with Scarlet Witch when Strange Academy: Finals #1 hits shelves on October 26.

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