Wolverine Admits One Surprising Hero Is a Better Killer

Warning! Spoilers for AX: Judgment Day #5 by Marvel ComicsWhile Wolverine is one of the most proficient killers in the Marvel Universe, the clawed hero just admitted there’s someone else who is better at it than him: Jack of Knives. As the surviving X-Men and Eternals plan for their next attack on the Celestial wreaking havoc on Earth, Wolverine comes to realize that the deadly Eternal assassin is better equipped to attack and infiltrate the space god than he ever was.


In the Marvel Universe, Wolverine is one of the deadliest and most popular mutants in existence, as he has taken many lives with his incredible adamantium claws. However, a surprise member of the Eternals, Jack of Knives, appears to be his equal when it comes to his killer skills. Jack of Knives is a member of The Tricks, a group of Eternal crime lords who aren’t afraid to get their hands bloody. Jack of Knives has already shown his criminal prowess by breaking Starfox out of Eternal’s exclusion, as he’s willing to do anything for a paycheck. However, with the Earth on the line, as a Celestial unleashes its wrath and judgment on the planet, Wolverine is admitting Jack of Knives is the better killer and more equipped to take it down.

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In AX: Judgment Day #5 by Kieron Gillen, Valerio Schiti, Marte Gracia, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, the surviving heroes after the Celestial’s judgment on Earth gather, as they realize their backs are up against the wall in bringing the space god down. After witnessing the deaths of many heroes, including Captain America, the group, which features Wolverine, plans their next attack. Needing someone to infiltrate the Celestial, Nightcrawler asks Logan for help. However, Wolverine admits that he’s “not the best there is“that killing and says Jack of Knives is better.

Ultimately, Wolverine admitting that Jack of Knives is a better killer makes for quite the stunning moment. However, considering all the death he’s witnessed in the last 24 hours at the hands of the Celestial, Logan knows Jack of Knives has better stealth chops and is better equipped to infiltrate the space god. Although, unfortunately, Jack of Knives is quickly killed during their mission.

Wolverine isn’t one to give out credits, but the hero should be credited himself for knowing that Jack of Knives is a better killer and secret weapon during their battle against the Celestial – even if it ends in his demise. Now, Wolverinewho knows about being a deadly monster, will have to prove he’s the best killer the survivors got if they want a fighting chance to save the Earth.

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