10 Amazing Marvel Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Series

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe growing at a rapid pace, there is always room for more heroes. Between Comic-Con and D23, Marvel Studios have ample opportunities to announce new content. The MCU’s current series have given lesser known characters a spotlight. They have also served as launching points for various characters who are going to play critical parts of future projects. As the MCU gets ready to enter Phase 5, so many of the characters introduced in this way are going to become more central to Marvel storytelling.

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From Benedict Wong‘s iconic Wong, who fans have met several times, to Squirrel Girl who has yet to be adapted on-screen, there are many more opportunities for the Marvel series. Each of these characters would make a great star of a new series. In contrast to a movie, a series can allow more time for characters to be developed, and more stories to be told. As streaming gets more popular with fans, Marvel is fortunate to have a ready-made roster of characters ready for the small screen.


America Chavez

First introduced in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, America Chavez made her mark traveling with Dr. Strange trying to evade the Scarlett Witch. Chavez’s story is a heartbreaking one, separated from her parents while traveling the multiverse. Xochitl Gomez may not have had a lot of screen time, but she made use of every moment.

Chavez’s space and time-traveling alone would lend itself well to a Marvel series. She could spend her time exploring various parts of the multiverse on her quest to find her parents. This would put this character in the perfect position to continue to appear in other Marvel projects, while having her own adventures.


Tessa Thompson is an icon, and that was made clear with her introduction to the MCU as Valkyrie. She was introduced in Thor: Ragnarok, as a soldier with PTSD who finds her way back to herself. We last saw here Thor: Love and Thunder as King of Asgard.

A Valkyrie series could go one of several ways. We could see more of her as King of Asgard, which was only briefly seen in Thor: Love and Thunder. We could also see more of her as a warrior, protecting the galaxy from various threats. This is a dynamic character who can hold her own series together.

Leyla/Scarlet Scarab

Leyla El-Faouly was introduced to Marvel fans in Moon Knight. By the end, she had obtained divine powers of her own as the Scarlet Scarab. An archaeologist and the wife of Marc Spector, she never gave up on her quest to find her father’s murderer.

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A Scarlet Scarab series could be similar to Moon Knight, but feature Leyla’s relationship with her Egyptian goddess Taweret. The series could take on a more Indiana Jones approach, and follow Leyla on her quest to rescue artifacts around the world. This hypothetical series could also follow Leyla as she meets other avatars of Egyptian gods with an Avengers-like team-up.

Joaquin Torres/Falcon

Fans first met Joaquin Torres in The Falcon and the Winter Solider. Danny Ramirez portrayed the US Air Force pilot, who helped Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes investigate the Flag Smashers. Wilson passed the EXO-7 Falcon suit to Torres at the end of the series, implying that Torres will be the new Falcon.

A new Falcon series would be a natural way to kick-start the Young Avengers, if this is a direction Marvel wants to explore. This could also be a war epic, exploring Torres’ experience in the US Air Force. Finally, this could be a buddy comedy, pairing the character up with another future Avenger.

Miles Morales

The opportunities to tell Spider-Man stories are essentially limitless. Miles Morales’ first solo movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was a critical success. The character was teased in Spider-Man: Homecoming, although the MCU hasn’t had a live-action version of Miles yet.

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A Miles Morales series could see a serialized version of this character that’s already been introduced, as he explores various dimensions. Although more Spider-Verse movies are coming, perhaps a series format would better serve this character. Alternatively, this could be a live-action series, and add additional layers to the Spider-Man lore.


Since Wong’s introduction in Doctor Strange, he has become a fan favorite. The now Sorcerer Supreme has established himself as an essential part of the MCU, protecting beloved characters from themselves, most of the time. His deadpan delivery is always spot-on.

A series about Wong would be perfect as single-episode adventures. With his recent appearance in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, it’s possible Wong and Madisynn are meant to be in a buddy comedy, just being super friends traveling across the universe. A Wong series could also follow the Sorcerer Supreme as he continues to interrupt other superheroes going about their daily lives.

Cassie Long

Fans have met Ant-Man‘s daughter twice; once as an adorable youngster, once as a teenager five years post-Thanos snap. In the comics, she is also known by her superhero name, Stature. In the comics, she plays a critical part of the Young Avengers.

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Marvel could keep Cassie’s story faithful to the comics, and delve deeper into her character before making her a part of the Young Avengers. She could be paired with Kate Bishop. Her series could also focus on her and her father, and be a series of heists that the two pull off together in the ant suits.

Squirrel Girl

One comic book character that has not yet appeared in the MCU is Squirrel Girls. Doreen Allene Green is a Canadian who can speak to squirrels. She’s not a mutant, but she does appear alongside Jessica Jones spirit Luke Cage as a nanny for their daughter.

Squirrel Girl would make a perfect venue for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage to return to the MCU. Her series could also revolve around the creation of The Great Lake Avengers, which she was also a member of. Her series could also chronicle the beginning of a zombie saga and be a Walking Dead-like origin story.

Captain Britain

While Captain Carter has appeared in What If…? duck in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, there is another superhero Brit who would make a great MCU addition. This character has had stories with the X-Men spirit Spider-Manwhich means there is ample opportunity to introduce this story.

Captain Britain’s series could be a spy thriller, incorporating this history. Tying into the Multiverse, Captain Britain’s series could also be a take on Arthurian legend, but with a superhero twist. The series could also chronicle the formation of the Captain Britain Corps, which spans the dimensions of the Multiverse.


Wiccan has already kind of been introduced in the MCU. Scarlett Witch’s son Billy becomes Wiccan, while his twin brother becomes Speed. Wiccan becomes a crucial member of the Young Avengers in the comics.

This series would make a great way to continue the WandaVision storyline, as well as further incorporating the Scarlet Witch. This series would be a cosmic one, following Wiccan in his adventures across the Multiverse. This series could incorporate the Skrulls, and follow the comic story where Wiccan teams up with The Runaways to fight the Skrull invasion.

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