Blade MCU Timeline Details Revealed In Marvel Movie Casting Call

The MCU’s upcoming Blade film will be seen at some point in the past, although the specifics of that time period have yet to be revealed.

A Leaves casting call hints at the film’s situation within the MCU chronology. Expected in November of 2023, Leaves is part of Disney’s upcoming roadmap for Phase Five of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The lead role of Blade will be played by Mahershala Ali. This role was previously played by Wesley Snipes in the 1998 animated film of the same name, and recurred with Snipes in the lead in Leaves II spirit Blades: Trinity. Other known cast members include Delroy Lindo and Aaron Pierre. 2023’s Leaves is directed by Bassam Tariq, who has also directed 2020’s Mogul Mowgli along with a number of documentary films.


Those who have read the comics or seen the Snipes version of Leaves know the basics. Blade is a half-mortal, half-vampire being who seeks to avenge his mother’s death and rid the world of vampires. Any further specifics on the plot of the Leaves reboot, however, are still unknown. This leaves viewers with a myriad of questions surrounding the upcoming version of Leaves, including if it will be an origin story, what tone it will take on, and where it fits in the ever-expanding MCU timeline. Given the lack of any plot details, Leaves‘s placement within the MCU chronology has also yet to be revealed.

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A recent casting call for Leaves gives the first glimpse at what that timeline could be. The casting call was sent out via Air table for a shoot including extras that will take place from November 14 to November 22. The call included a long list of specifications, many of them standard. The point of most interest, however, lies in the hair requirements of the casting call. Beneath the section heading, the caption reads “This film takes place in a past time period.” It goes on to specify that men would have to get haircuts to match the time period and women should ideally have the ability to style their hair, with some wigs being available. Check out the full excerpt from the casting call below:

This film takes place in a past time period

LADIES: your hair will need to be styled for that time period. The hair department is asking that women do not have braids, extensions, or custom hair colors. They will have some wigs, but we cannot rely on a majority of the people we hire to need to be wigged.

BUT: will need to have a haircut for that period. IF you are bald and not naturally bald, please let us know if you will grow your hair out. This is mainly directed at younger men who shave their heads, etc… due to the period and trends of that era, but did not shave bald like modern times, etc…

What Time Period the MCU’s Blade Reboot Could Be Set In

While this may still be nondescript, this casting call is the first real news out of Leaves that gives any sense of time period. While many recent Marvel films are set in or close to the modern day, the MCU and Marvel certainly are not averse to depicting past time periods. The X-Men films (which were previously not part of the MCU but whose plots may be incorporated now that mutants are MCU canon) are particularly subject to that, with films like X-Men: First Class seeing characters seen in the times of the Cuban missile crisis.

With this in mind, that of course still leaves the question of what past time period Leaves is set in. If the hairstyles are significantly different than modern day, that indicates that the time period is probably more than 30 years back. The earliest Leaves could be set in but warrant this casting call is likely around the ’80s. Perms and slicked-back hair could occupy the heads of mortals and vampires within the Leaves universe. Leaves could also go further back and take on Mad Men-like hairstyles if they were seen around the 1950s or 1960s. Based on recent MCU works, it seems unlikely that Leaves would go back before 1900 and become a period-piece-turned-action film, but with such little information available on the plot, anything still remains possible.

Source: Airtable

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