Daredevil & Punisher’s Cosmic War Is Adding Moon Knight Into The Mix

Daredevil is coming after the Punisher in Marvel’s newest hero vs. hero war – and Marvel heavily hints that Moon Knight must choose a side.

This article contains spoilers for Daredevil #3

Marvel’s Daredevil is finally fighting the Punisher in Marvel’s latest hero-vs-hero war, and Moon Knight may play a crucial part in the fight. Matt Murdock and Frank Castle have experienced numerous traumas as of late, and their new respective series feature a new beginning for both antiheroes (Daredevil’s new Godlike ally and Punisher’s access to his family, for example). But Daredevil #3 heavily hints that Moon Knight must choose a side and finally play the role of “good cop” – a role for which the character is tremendously ill-suited.


Both Punisher and Daredevil are experiencing great changes in their own books. Daredevil is operating almost exclusively as Daredevil now, and publicly impersonating his identical dead brother Mike Murdock (who was killed during the events of Devil’s Reign). For his part, the Punisher is now in charge of the Hand, a criminal organization; the fact that the Hand now has the technology to resurrect his dead wife and children is the only reason why the normally-unflappable Punisher has sided with criminals. Daredevil spares his enemies but Punisher notably does not, leading to an eventually meeting at the end of Punisher #6 that foreshadows a fight.

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At the end of Daredevil #3, written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Rafael De Latorre, Daredevil is suddenly attacked by the ninja Aka, the woman who trained Electra. Paralyzing Daredevil after a long fight, she reveals that Frank Castle is the new leader of the Hand. Daredevil’s opinion of the Punisher is already quite low (seeing as he rarely, if ever, spares the lives of his enemies), but Aka mentions a cryptic saying: “This ends as it’s supposed to: the Fist fits into the Hand. And to get there…you need to suffer unbelievable loss.” Aka escapes and Daredevil eventually regains control of his body, but has no further understanding of Aka’s warning beyond the drive to save everyone whom the Hand – and the Punisher – threatens.

Aka’s assertion that “the Fist fits into the Hand” is nebulous at first glance, but it could potentially refer to Marc Spector, better known as the Moon Knight. Spector is widely known as the Fist of Khonshu, being Khonshu’s avatar on Earth who does the God’s bidding. Moon Knight is usually associated with more supernatural fights, but Daredevil and the Punisher are engaged in just that sort of story at the moment. Will Moon Knight choose Daredevil’s side or the Punisher’s? Moon Knight has occasionally shown mercy…but he’s also one of the few heroes in the Marvel Universe with no rule against killing his enemies.

Moon Knight is vicious and violent, although not as much as Frank Castle. He’s also a welcome sight as a protector, although not as much as Matt Murdock. Moon Knight is a perfect hero to bridge the gap between Daredevil and the Punisherand perhaps even bring peace to the two before their upcoming war escalates.

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