Every so often, Marvel Comics publishes a series of trade paperbacks collecting together key stories from the Marvel Universe – classic tales from yesteryear. One such series is The Punisher: Epic Collectionwhich delivers some of the best Punisher stories of the past few decades.

If you are navigating your way through The Punisher: Epic Collectionand you don’t know yours ‘Circle of Blood’ from your ‘Jigsaw Puzzle’, you may wish to know what titles are in the collection and what order they should be read. Well, that’s where this post comes in handy, as it contains a chronological reading order for all The Punisher books to date.


A list of The Punisher: Epic Collection books in order

Image: ©Marvel Comics

Below is a list of the trade paperbacks in The Punisher: Epic Collection. The books are listed in chronological order, so if you want to follow the adventures of Frank Castle, these are the books to check out.

  • The Punisher Epic Collection: Circle of BloodPunisher (1986) #1 – #5, Punisher (1987) #1 – #10, Daredevil (1964) #257 duck Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher – Assassin’s Guild
  • The Punisher Epic Collection: Kingpin Rules – Punisher (1987) #11 – #25 and Punisher Annual #1 – #2
  • The Punisher Epic Collection: Return to Big Nothing – Punisher (1987) #26 – #34, Punisher Annual (1988) #3, Classic Punisher (1989) #1, Epic Graphic Novel: Punisher – Return to Big Nothing (1989), Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher – Intruder (1989) and Punisher: Kingdom Gone (1990)
  • The Punisher Epic Collection: Jigsaw Puzzle – Punisher (1987) #35 – #48, Punisher Annual (1988) #4, Punisher: No Escape (1990) #1, and Punisher: The Prize (1990) #1
  • The Punisher Epic Collection: Capital Punishment – Punisher #63 – #75, Punisher: G-Force, Punisher: Die Hard in the Big Easyduck Punisher/Black Widow: Spinning Doomsday’s Web
Image: ©Marvel Comics


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