The Woman King Confirms the MCU Wasted Lashana Lynch

The following contains spoilers for The Woman King, now playing in theatres.

In The Woman King, Viola Davis’ Nanisca was the focal point as the general of the Agojie, a group of female warriors in the West African kingdom of Dahomey in 1823. Nanisca was tasked with keeping King Ghezo’s (John Boyega) realm safe, especially with the Oyo Empire encroaching on their territory. And make no mistake, Davis was a tour de force, painting a scary picture of a ruthless warrior who’d do anything for her people. However, The Woman King had another badass soldier. It was none other than Lashana Lynch’s Izogie, and after putting on a clinic as a fearless killer, it became evident Lynch’s talents were wasted by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now, Lynch was pretty fun as Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel, but fans didn’t really get to see her cut loose in her own way. She was helping Nick Fury and Carol Danvers, coming off as more of a sidekick. And sadly, when Carol left Earth, Maria founded SWORD, only to die of cancer off-screen years later.

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Lynch did get some time to shine in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness when Wanda Maximoff came over to Earth-838 to find America Chavez. There, Lynch played a Captain Marvel variant, but in the blink of an eye, the Scarlet Witch ended her and the Illuminati. It was such a shame seeing her get dispatched so easily, as there were hints she’d be a powerhouse.

Lynch’s potential as a leading lady is placed at the forefront in The Woman King, though, where she taught young Nawi combat while undergoing a learning curve of her own. Izogie eventually understood what it meant to go back for teammates due to Nawi’s heroics, which led to her death when she tried to rescue the teen. But before that, Izogie got to really cut loose, slaughtering numerous Oyo soldiers along the way.

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She was a one-woman wrecking crew, using guns, spears, swords and whatever she came across to gore the opposition. Lynch came off intimidating and exuded strength and power on-screen like an unhinged Wonder Woman. Spirit The Woman King also gave her a brilliant emotional arc, with Lynch’s commanding presence even outdoing the cold Nanisca at times.

In fact, she was so moving that her death really upset viewers. That said, her sacrifice was worth it and illustrated how Lynch should have gotten more time as Captain Marvel to showcase her chops as a stunning action star who could tote a movie herself if need be. Hopefully, whether it be another variant or time-travel, the MCU brings her back because, as her Izogie showed, Lynch has heroic potential that needs to be maxed out.

See how Lynch’s Izogie steps up as a warrior in The Woman King, now in theatres.

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