Marvel Officially Introduces Ultron’s Powerful God-Like Form

Marvel just introduced a new version of Ultron that is one of his most powerful forms ever, as the villain somehow has merged with the All-Father.

Spoilers for Ant-Man #3 by Marvel ComicsThe Avengers’ attempt to contain Ultron has just unleashed one of his most powerful forms ever, as a god-like All-Father Ultron has been freed in the Marvel Universe. In Ant-Man #3, Scott Lang assists the Avengers in trying to send Ultron, trapped inside a Vibranium casket with Asgardian magic keeping him further contained, into the Microverse. However, after getting an unexpected visit from Black Ant, Ultron is sent millions of years into the future, where he emerges in his terrifying new form.


Ultron has long been one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe, as Hank Pym’s experiments ended up creating a deadly adversary for the Avengers who became one of their biggest threats ever. Most recently, Ultron merged with Hank Pym to create a new race of human/robot hybrids but was eventually stopped by Iron Man and the Avengers and was trapped inside a Vibranium casket with Asgardian runes to keep him imprisoned as they figured out a solution to disposing of him. Now, Ultron has been freed from the casket, as he takes on the powerful form of a god-like All-Father Ultron.

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In Ant-Man #3 by Al Ewing, Tom Reilly, Jordie Bellaire, and VC’s Cory Petit from Marvel Comics, the Avengers decide the best way to keep Ultron from being freed from his Vibranium casket is to bury him deep within the Microverse. They call in Scott Lang’s Ant-Man for help, and despite not respecting him as they should, he agrees to transfer the Ultron-Hank Pym combination to his lab to make him disappear. However, as Ant-Man and Cassie Lang attempt to put Ultron into the Microverse, Black Ant arrives, and the villain reveals Ultron has been talking to him via bugspeak. Black Ant shoots the casket with Pym’s Aging Ray, aging the casket one million years, which frees Ultron as the Vibranium falls apart, unleashing All-Father Ultron into the Marvel Universe.

All-Father Ultron Might Be The Villain’s Most Powerful Form

By aging Ultron and his casket a million years into the future, Black Ant seems to have created a new version of the villain who has somehow used Asgardian runes and Vibranium to become a god as All-Father Ultron. The villain has a terrifying new form, as he wears Asgardian-like armor, as Scott Lang and the mysterious new Ant-Man look on in horror.

It remains to be seen what the god-like All-Father Ultron is capable of considering he’s had a million years to potentially bond with the Asgardian spells keeping him contained. It seems certain Ant-Man and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have never faced anything like the villain in their current form. All-Father Ultron is unleashed in Ant-Man #3 from Marvel Comics, which is in comic book stores now.

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