Arnold Schwarzenegger Is a Secret Supervillain, According to Marvel

In Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, classic X-Men villains the Hellfire Club count action movie icon Arnold Schwarzenegger among their members.

As alternate versions of their main 616 universe counterparts, Marvel Comics’ Ultimate X-Men have come into direct conflict with several familiar enemies from arch-foe Magneto to the Sentinels, although there have been some deviances from established continuity including the Hellfire Club and their reputable member… Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the alternate Marvel reality of the Ultimate Universe (Earth 1610), the X-Men are being endorsed by the fine folks of the Hellfire Club. This version of the Hellfire Club remains consistent with in its original inspiration with its touch of high-class and selective membership primarily reserved for the wealthy. Writer Mark Millar (Civil War) and artist Adam Kubert (Wolverine)’s Ultimate X-Men #25, the finale of the “Hellfire and Brimstone” arc, marks the titular team’s first formal encounter with their secretive benefactors. Following Jean Grey’s budding possession of the deadly Phoenix Force, the Hellfire Club and their distinguished leader Sebastian Shaw invites the X-Men to a fancy New York City gathering, in the hopes of acquiring Jean’s untapped abilities for their own. The mutant guests in attendance at the club’s celebratory mansion gala are Professor Charles Xavier and his students Jean Grey, Storm, and Colossus.


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As the club sets their nefarious plan into motion, Storm separates from her team to convene with a fellow guest of a stocky build and towering height identified as “Arnold.” Though never glimpsed in full detail, readers can infer that this Hellfire Club member is none other than famed action star and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Releasing her inner fangirl, Storm professes complete admiration and respect for Arnold, even if the actor’s latest offerings have been “lousy” as of late. Luring Professor X and the minute group of X-Men into a false sense of security, Shaw and his devious cohorts quickly immobilize their unknowing captives with ease.

The X-Men Were Not Fans Of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Later Work

Although he was once one of the biggest names in Hollywood during the mid-80s to early ’90s, Schwarzenegger’s cinematic career began to take a downward spiral with his transition from action to comedy. Arnold’s intermediate career comprised lackluster films such as Jingle All the Way, Batman & Robin, End of Daysduck The Sixth Day which began to impact much of the actor’s remaining influence on audiences.

Given Schwarzenegger’s brief though memorable Marvel Comics appearance, it remains unknown exactly how much knowledge Arnold had of Sebastian Shaw and the Inner Circle’s conflict against the X-Men. The Earth 616 version of the Hellfire Club kept their public faction as a social clique while their supervillain nature was relegated to the Inner Circle. The physical attributes and movie criticism in the issue are surely linked to Arnold Schwarzenegger but the profile of Arnold himself is never glimpsed, likely a casualty of Marvel not gaining access to use the actor’s likeness for the issue.

While he never had the opportunity to play a Marvel supervillain on screen, Arnold Schwarzenegger found himself indirectly acting as a hindrance against the Ultimate X-Men and their allies.

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