The MCU’s Two Strongest Avengers Have an Incredible New Bond

Within the MCU, one Avenger stands above the rest as having proven to be the strongest, and she officially named the BEST Avenger in the comics.

At this point in the MCUit seems clear that Scarlet Witch has elevated herself to the role of The Strongest Avenger–even if she was most recently a villain–as she was able to defeat Doctor Strange as well as the whole community of Sorcerers with ease–though just because she may be the strongest, doesn’t mean she’s the best, and Scarlet Witch actually named the person who she believes is the ‘Best Avenger’ in her most recent Marvel Comics appearance.


Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch made her first full Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron where she was initially a villain before eventually becoming a hero. After the Avengers’ war with Thanos which resulted in Vision’s death, Scarlet Witch broke down with grief, sending her down a path that resulted in her becoming a murderous villain in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. While Scarlet Witch is presumed dead following the events of that film, her comic book counterpart is alive and well, fighting for what is good and just in the Marvel Universe–a mission that includes speaking up for the one hero Scarlet Witch believes is the best of them.

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In Captain Marvel #41 by Kelly Thompson, Juan Frigeri, and Álvaro López, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is forced to undergo a number of trials that will determine if she is worthy of returning to her life on Earth or remaining in the confinement of Marvel’s strongest magic users . Some issues ago, Captain Marvel committed a crime against magic by causing a villain to lose their powers–an act that saved the entire world while angering the magic community. For doing this, Captain Marvel was whisked away to a trial where Agatha Harkness along with a number of other witches and sorcerers would decide if Carol should be punished for her crime against magic. While it seemed as though the odds were overwhelmingly stacked against Captain Marvel, she did have one advocate among the magic users: Scarlet Witch.

In this issue, Captain Marvel successfully completed the task assigned to her by the tribunal, and when the magic users who wanted to condemn Captain Marvel didn’t admit that Carol should be free to go, Scarlet Witch spoke on Captain Marvel’s behalf. Wanda is practically brought to tears while talking about Captain Marvel’s inspiring heroism, both in terms of Carol’s power level and her overall goodness. Scarlet Witch’s words carry a lot of weight as she was one of the earliest members of the Avengers and was an established member of the team long before Captain Marvel joined up. This means that Scarlet Witch has worked with practically every superhero during that time, and this issue proves that out of all of them–including Iron Man, Spider-Man, and even Captain America–Captain Marvel stands above the rest as the absolute best.

While some could argue that Scarlet Witch’s endorsement doesn’t carry much weight given her questionable actions in the past as well as her current standing as a villain in the MCU, they would first need to consider how she’s been depicted in her most recent appearances in Marvel Comics. Yes, Scarlet Witch was responsible for M-Day, but since then she has made significant efforts to save more mutants than she ever harmed by offering her magic to the Krakoan mutant rebirth program. Now, she is shown defending a fellow Avenger during a trial held by her peers in the magic community, risking her own status by helping a hero she thinks is worth it. Scarlet Witch is an incredibly powerful Avenger, both in the comics and in the MCUand her experience working with practically every past Avenger makes her the highest authority in deciding which of them is the best–and this issue proves that the Strongest Avenger, Scarlet Witchthinks Captain Marvel is the Best Avenger.

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