Venom’s Asgardian Visit Results in a Major Symbiote Suit Upgrade

The King in Black pays the Thunder God a visit in Thor #27, sporting some nifty cosmetic changes as the pair chase after a rogue symbiote.

The following contains spoilers for Thor #27, available now from Marvel Comics.

Venom arrives in Asgard to assist Thor the All-Father in Thor #27 and demonstrates a pair of inky wings as he helps his godly friend chase down a rogue symbiote.

Eddie Brock’s impressive new skillset as the King in Black allows him to project his consciousness across the galaxy and corral wild symbiotes. Eddie taps into these abilities to form a body on Asgard after Darkoth the Death Demon manifests in the godly realm. After greeting Thor, Loki and Lady Sif with friendly words, Venom and the Asgardians fly after Darkoth’s trail. In a rarely-used transformation, Venom’s symbiote body bursts forth wings.

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After the group tracks Darkoth, Venom notes that the renegade symbiote’s promethium bones prevent him from directly tapping into his consciousness. And so Eddie Brock sprouts his “old school” fangs and twisty tongue as he torpedoes downwards to beat Darkoth into submission.

How Did Venom Get His New Abilities?

After defeating Knull the King in Black in 2021, Eddie Brock became the new lord of symbiotes across the Marvel Universe. No longer merely an antihero or a Lethal Protector, Eddie could use the hive consciousness of symbiotes to be in multiple places at once — chatting with the Avengers using one side of his psyche while carrying out dangerous missions in space with the other, for instance .

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Eddie has also found himself up against a host of new, cosmic foes. The worst of these is Meridius — a futuristic version of Eddie who created a cosmic prison and trapped other alternate Eddie Brocks within it. One of these Eddies, possessed by anger and rage, has taken on the name Bedlam. In Thor #27, Venom speculates that Bedlam appears to be controlling Darkoth the Death Demon. This is a new development for Thor, who previously fought Darkoth in 1982’s Thor #325 and believed him to be Desmond Pitt, a mortal manipulated by Mephisto.

Thor #27 is plotted by Al Ewing & Donny Cates, scripted by Al Ewing, illustrated by Salvador Larroca, colored by Edgar Delgado, lettered by VC’s Joe Sabino and features a cover by Nic Klein. Rahzzah and Patch Zircher provide an alternate cover for the issue, which is one now from Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel

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