She-Hulk Manages to Outperform Andor’s Series Premiere

Whip Media’s “Watch Report” reveals that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law outperformed Star Wars streaming series Andor during the latter’s debut week.

A new report just confirmed that more viewers watched She-Hulk: Attorney at Law than Andor‘s three-episode premiere.

Data analytics company Whip Media’s “Whip Watch Report” for the week of Sept. 19 – Sept. 25 ranks She-Hulk: Attorney at Law as the number one streaming series in America, with Andor coming in second. She-Hulk didn’t secure the top spot in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Brazil and Germany, however, it still managed to outperform Andor in these regions, as well. Lucasfilm executives likely won’t be too worried about Andor losing out to She-Hulkthough, as the former has released half as many episodes for viewers to binge as the latter.

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The studio will no doubt take heart from Andor‘s strong reviews, too. Critics praised the show’s first three episodes for bringing a mature, grounded approach to the Star Wars franchise, and applauded Diego Luna’s performance as protagonist Cassian Andor. Slow-burn storytelling and the willingness to deviate from the saga’s established formula were also listed among Andor‘s major selling points. One reviewer even went so far as to suggest Andor might be the best Star Wars streaming series to date.

Andor and She-Hulk Gear Up for their Second Seasons

Andor still has eight more episodes left to air in Season 1, however, showrunner Tony Gilroy is already looking ahead to Season 2. Gilroy recently revealed that Andor‘s second season is fully mapped out, even though it isn’t likely to air for at least another year. “I’m expecting the last script from my brother [screenwriter and director Dan Gilroy] in a week on his block,” he said. “I owe my three scripts, but they’re all sketched out. We know exactly what we’re doing, but the moment-to-moment details of it will probably still be being hammered out through April [2023].”

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Meanwhile, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law creator Jessica Gao has also made it clear she has ideas for a second season of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series. “Honestly, even when I pitched the show, I already had an idea of ​​where I would want it to go for another season and what the premise of that season would be,” she said. “From the beginning, I had ideas of where it would go. But coming from TV, you can’t ever go into a first season show thinking you’re gonna get another season. You have to plan for the fact that this might be one and done, so you have to create a season that feels like it’s telling a complete story, and yet leaves the door open.”

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law spirit Andor are both currently streaming on Disney+.

Source: Whip Media

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