Even Marvel Admits the MCU Is Missing a Beloved Villain

The MCU is missing the beloved villain Big Wheel, but even Marvel is admitting that fans likely won’t soon see him or others like him in a major role.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Moon Knight #15The MCU has featured many obscure comic book characters in its movies and shows, but the comics just pointed out that it is missing a certain iconic type of character: silly villains like Big Wheel. While the Marvel movies are very fun, they can occasionally tone down the goofier aspects of their source material. And this is a shame given how fully the comics have embraced such characters and concepts over their history.


Comics are filled with various goofy and campy characters, especially when it comes to villains. Many of these characters date back to the early days of comics, when the Comics Code Authority restricted what could be shown. Given their long history, many of these characters have become fan favorites despite their goofiness. This even includes characters with an incredibly dumb gimmick, like Stilt-Man who uses a pair of robotic stilts to commit crimes or Big Wheel, a Spider-Man villain who rides around in a giant weaponized wheel. And even characters in the comics know how entertaining these villains are.

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In Moon Knight #15, written by Jed Mackay and penciled by Alessandro Cappuccio, Moon Knight is attempting to get more information on some assassins hired by the evil organization known as The Structure. In order to do this, Moon Knight’s Stephen Grant persona pretends to be a movie producer wanting to make a film about those assassins. His information source tells Stephen about the assassins, but warns him away from making a movie about them, saying a movie about someone like Big Wheel would be more fun. This is a fun joke about a silly villain, but it gets to the heart of a real problem the MCU has.

The MCU Needs To Include Goofier Characters

Despite projects like She-Hulk having a lighter tone, most of the MCU films and shows have completely ignored gloriously goofy characters like Big Wheel, which is a shame. After all, the Sony Spider-Man games were able to fit him in as one of their many Easter eggs, which greatly rewarded long time fans. Unfortunately, even when the MCU has included these sorts of characters, they often remove their campier elements, as was the case for Batroc the Leaper in the Captain America films. Marvel’s comics are even admitting that it would be fun to focus a movie on one of them.

The She-Hulk series has recently taken a step in the right direction, featuring obscure and goofy villains like Porcupine and Man-Bull, but they were minor characters and the show didn’t give fans a chance to see them in action. Goofy villains like these often shine most when they actually get to convert their silly gimmicks into potentially deadly force while attempting to commit crime. Unfortunately Marvel doesn’t seem to have found a place to include these campier villains in its cinematic universe, which sadly means that characters like Big Wheel are unlikely to appear in the MCU any time soon.

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Moon Knight #15 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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