10 Deadliest Female Villains In Marvel Comics

The world of Marvel Comics has given readers many dangerous foes over the years. Some are deadly mercenaries and covert spies; some bear immense powers through magical or cosmic means, and others are former superheroes turned rogue, either through corruption or manipulation.

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Although males make up some of the more famous villains, readers also fear several female rogues. Their skills, abilities, and tactics rank them among the worst of the worst, some equal to or even deadlier than their fellow male rivals. Although fans love to hate their favorite evildoers, they can admit several are intimidating based on power level alone.

10/10 Veranke Is A Manipulative Strategist

The Skrull queen Veranke believed the Skrulls would find a new home world where they could prosper in peace. Believing that home was Earth, she set a plan in motion to take over the entire planet, using her shape-shifting abilities to impersonate Spider-Woman and infiltrate the humans.

As Jessica Drew, she enacted her plan and replaced several heroes with her own people, allowing her to influence several key events in their favor. However, after one of her spies was discovered, Veranke was forced to play her hand, resulting in an invasion of Earth and a fight against its heroes. Although she was killed by Norman Osborn, he actually kept her alive and later set her loose to try and kill Spider Woman.

9/10 Lady Death Strike Is Swift And Cunning

Once a romantic love interest of Wolverine, Yuriko Oyama’s life came crashing down when she thought her lover murdered her father and stole the research notes that gave him his adamantium skeleton. Wanting revenge, she trained in the ways of the samurai, showing remarkable reflexes and technique. However, when that wasn’t enough, she resorted to sacrificing her humanity for the sake of power as a cyborg.

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She now bears cybernetic and adamantium implants, turning Yuriko into a deadly killing machine with increased speed, stamina, and strength. On top of that, she also brandishes razor-sharp nails, which are as strong as Wolverines’ claws and can slice through anyone and anything. Since her transformation, she’s remained a sharpened thorn in Logan’s side, whether flying solo or as the leader of the Reavers.

8/10 Typhoid Mary’s Mind Is A Labyrinth Of Destruction

A long-time foe of Daredevil, Typhoid Mary is a highly trained assassin with superhuman powers. Discovering her latent mutant powers of telekinesis and psionic manipulation, she not only wields the ability to levitate objects but also combust them on impact, turning any weapon into a living bomb. She also possesses multiple skills in martial arts, marksmanship, and hypnosis.

However, there is a sad catch that makes her a true wildcard. Suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, she bears three alternate personalities: ‘Mary’ who’s an innocent pacifist, ‘Typhoid’ who’s a lustful troublemaker, and ‘Bloody Mary’ who’s a serial killer. With each personality vying for control, they always interchange at random, making her a truly unpredictable mercenary.

7/10 Morgan Le Fay Controls Multiple Magics

One of Marvel’s more dangerous magic users is the sinister sorceress known as Morgan Le Fay. Like the character she’s named after, Morgan is skilled in multiple forms of witchcraft. Trained by Merlin and The Lady of the Lake, she possesses a vast knowledge of ancient relics and spells passed down from master to student. However, that’s just the beginning of her capabilities.

Being half-fairie, she’s gifted with increased mystical properties, including immortality. She’s also a disciple of Gaia, which gives her control over the environment and the natural order. Combined with her twisted need for world domination, she’s been at odds with Marvel’s champions and taught them not to take her threats lightly.

6/10 Mystique Is Calculating And Elusive

The mutant known as Mystique is one of the X-Men’s more ruthless villains, ranking among their higher-level threats. A terrorist with aspirations of starting a war, she’s proven herself manipulative, cunning, and adept in many forms of martial arts and combat operations. However, in her bag of tricks, there’s one thing that makes her truly dangerous.

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As a mutant, Mystique is blessed with the ability to shape-shift herself into anyone and camouflage herself in any situation. A master of disguise, she uses her malleable nature to fool almost everyone she encounters, always remaining one step ahead of her captors. Even so, it’s safe to say this criminal chameleon’s plans will always be thwarted.

5/10 Enchantress Is A Malicious Mystic

Amora the Enchantress is as devious as she is dangerous. An unruly disciple of Karnilla, she used her powers of persuasion to convince several mighty sorcerers to train her, granting her a vast portfolio of magic to draw upon. This includes multiple forms of sorcery, from illusion casting to draining opponents’ energy. However, magic isn’t her only weapon.

Being Asgardian, she possesses god-like strength and stamina, which rivals lesser gods. Even so, her favorite weapon is her deception, which she uses to seduce others into doing her bidding in exchange for lies and empty promises. Due to her cunning, she remains at odds with Thor, whom she desires but can never obtain.

4/10 Scarlet Witch’s Emotions Reveal Her Dark Side

The legendary Scarlet Witch is seen as a force of good in the Marvel universe. However, when she first started out, she used her hex abilities for evil by working alongside Magneto’s Brotherhood to fight the X-Men. However, she left with her twin brother to join the Avengers and become a beacon of hope. Unfortunately, this redemption arc hasn’t always stuck.

Easily corrupted and manipulated, fans of Marvel Comics have seen Wanda’s dark side. Whether it’s through mind control or her breakdown over the loss of her children, Wanda has shown an ability to control multiple forms of magic and alter reality itself to fit her needs. Regardless, thanks to her friends and family, she’s always nudged back onto the path of good.

3/10 Emma Frost Is A Mutant Mastermind

Since her first encounter with the X-Men, Emma’s relationship with the group has been a mixed bag. Starting out as an adversary as part of the Hellfire Club, she’s proven herself one of the team’s greatest threats due to her Omega-level telepathic abilities. She can also turn her skin into an impenetrable diamond, acting as a shield against those who want to cause her harm.

However, one of her more threatening abilities is her manipulation tactics. When she joined the X-Men, Emma sowed distrust among her teammates and blackmailed them and her students to remain in control of every situation. However, even though she’s a royal pain, she does whatever is necessary to protect mutant kind from danger.

2/10 Hela Wields The Powers Of A Goddess

As the dark goddess of Hel, Hela has been an antagonist to her uncle Thor since her first appearance. Determined to expand her realm of the dead, she’s fought the God of Thunder on multiple occasions, able to manage her own in a fight. And it’s no surprise why.

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Although Hela looks Asgardian, her ancestry stems from Giants like her father Loki (a different one). She shares their brute strength and stamina and also possesses skills in magic and astral projection. However, her most powerful weapons are The Hand of Glory, which is a punching technique that can hurt gods, and The Touch of Death, which can kill anything in her way and claim their souls, forever binding them to her kingdom.

1/10 Nothing Gets In The Way Of The Dark Phoenix

To most X-Men fans, Jean Gray is one of the pillars of the central lineup. Classified as an Omega-level mutant, she already bore powerful telekinetic and telepathic abilities that surpassed most superheroes. However, she gained a power boost thanks to the cosmic deity known as the Phoenix Force, which increased her abilities tenfold.

However, the limitless power also corrupted her in the process, turning her into the evil Dark Phoenix. Being unstoppable and also craving destruction, she made the whole universe quake in fear, as shown in Chris Claremont and John Byrne’sThe Dark Phoenix Saga. While it took Jean’s self-sacrifice to stop the Phoenix Force the first time, she showed the galaxy that even the nicest of people have a dark side.

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