Make Mine Multiversity Episode 103: Thor: The Eternals Saga, Part 2: Gotterdammerung – Multiversity Comics

Welcome Back to My Multiversity: A Marvel Podcast! Each episode we’ll be looking at Marvel books, old and new! We discuss fun Marvel comics, Marvel news, Marvel history, and occasionally, comic book adaptations of German opera!

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It’s epic vs epic as we continue through 70s “Thor.” Our goal is the same – to trace the story of Marvel’s Eternals through every one of their major comic appearances. But I don’t think anyone was prepared for how Nordic these issues get. This stuff is steeped in mythology, and we do our best to sift through the pieces of the deeply retconned Marvel continuity. Marvel maniacs aren’t going to want to miss it.

If you are reading along at home, you can find these issues on Marvel Unlimited and Hoopla. Trade readers can find them in “Thor: The Eternals Saga” Vol. 2 or the back half of “Thor and the Eternals: The Celestial Saga” or in the humungous “Eternals: The Complete Saga Omnibus.” If you have that last one send us a picture, we’d love to see it.

Next time we are ranging wide across the Marvel universe. Follow along by reading “What If…” (Vol. 1) #23-30, Iron Man Annual #6, and Avengers (Vol. 1 ) #246-248. A good place to find those issues is on Marvel Unlimited or if you want to seek out a trade collection, you are looking for “The Dreaming Celestial Saga.”

We are still rocking out on our new Carol Romo theme, “Excelsior.”

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