Ryan Reynolds Now Referring to Deadpool 3 as The Deadpool/Wolverine Film

Captain America and Bucky Barnes. Iron Man and War Machine. Thor and Loki. Iconic duos have been a staple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the franchise was born in 2008. Marvel Studios has toyed with twosomes since Phase 1, and has put a greater emphasis on the two-lead nature of projects in recent years. Side characters like Wasp and Falcon were promoted to titular billing, while younger heroes like Kate Bishop and Shuri were given the chance to take on an iconic mantle. Familiar faces are set to reintroduce themselves in the Marvel fold come Phase 5, and it appears that they might take on the traditional shared title status.

As reported by VarietyRyan Reynolds is now referring to the currently untitled Deadpool 3 as “the Deadpool/Wolverine movie.” The veteran actor stayed tight-lipped on specifics, but did note that he “can’t wait” to get started.

“Sometimes it’s the story. Sometimes it’s the people. When things really work, it’s all of the above,” Reynolds said regarding what draws him to a project. “I count ‘Deadpool’ 1 and 2 in that category, along with ‘Free Guy’ and ‘Adam Project.’ When you get to make movies with the people you love, it’s what I imagine cocaine feels like.”

Details surrounding Deadpool 3‘s plot are close to the vest, but fans know that it will reunite Reynolds and Hugh Jackman on screen for the first time since the critically-panned X-Men Origins: Wolverine from 2009. This threequel also brings Reynolds and director Shawn Levy together for a third time, as the two previously worked together on The Adam Project spirit Free Guy.

Bringing Jackman back was no easy feat, as the Aussie actor had quite a definitive swan song as his long-time Marvel character in 2017’s Logan. Reynolds had previously noted that he begged Jackman “on the daily” to don the claws once more in a Deadpool sequel.

“I think, actually, he’d given up,” Jackman said. “I think it was a big shock to him. There was a massive pause, and then he said, ‘I can’t believe the timing of this.'”

As for the toss-up of that title, Jackman himself has teased that Logan probably doesn’t care for Wade Wilson hogging all the spotlight.

“I’m pretty sure Wolverine wouldn’t like that title,” Jackman teased.

Deadpool 3 is set to arrive on November 8th, 2024.


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