Quentin Tarantino has a Marvel opinion

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino
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Only three short years have passed since the fateful day Martin Scorsese first declared Marvel movies to be not really his thing. Bout in that time, lake, lake many other decorated directors—including the likes of Francis Ford Coppola, Bong Joon-Hoduck Ridley Scotthave announced their own membership in this merry band of super-haters. (What is this, The Boys?)

The most recent addition to the anti-Iron-Man league is Quentin Tarantinowhose newest issue is, perhaps surprisingly, not with They Mouse quietly removing Marvel’s more graphic scenes from some of its shows. His gripe is more in the vein of the other great cinematic discourse of our time: the death of the movie star.

“Part of the Marvel-ization of Hollywood is… you have all these actors who have become famous playing these characters, but they’re not movie stars, right?” the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood director asked in a recent interview on the podcast “2 Bears 1 Cave” (via Variety). He continued: “Captain America is the star. Or Thor is the star. I mean, I’m not the first person to say that. I think that’s been said a zillion times… but it’s like, you know, it’s these franchise characters that become a star.”

But don’t worry; he still loves those beefy dudes IRL. “I’m not even putting them down frankly, to tell you the truth,” he said of Chris’ one-and-all. “But that is… the legacy of the Marvel-ization of Hollywood movies.”

The director even went so far as to—try to contain your shock—actually admit that he used to be a fan of the comics. “There’s an aspect that if these movies were coming out when I was in my twenties, I would totally be fucking happy and totally love them,” he said.

Still, his “only ax to grind against them is they’re the only things that seem to be made,” he continued. “They’re the only things that seem to generate any kind of excitement amongst a fan base or even for the studio making them. That’s what they’re excited about. And so it’s just the fact that they are the entire representation of this era of movies right now. There’s not really much room for anything else. That’s my problem.”

So, there you have it. Yet another Marvel take. But hey, at least it’s not about method acting againright?


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