Does Captain Marvel have a love interest? Explained

Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe to date. While she hasn’t been seen with a love interest on the big screen since her MCU debut, does that mean the superhero isn’t emotionally inclined toward anyone? Has she ever been in love in the past? Or will we see some sparks in Captain Marvel’s love life in the near future?

Interestingly, the MCU has already featured characters that have been romantically engaged with Captain Marvel in the comics at some point in time. For instance, in Marvel Comics, James Rhodes and Carol Danvers used to date. She has even dated Spider-Man in comics for a brief period of time. However, the chance of seeing this happen on the big screen is still debatable. On that note, let’s find out whether or not Captain Marvel has a love interest in both MCU and Marvel Comics.

Captain Marvel and War Machine: Would we see it on the big screen?

Does Captain Marvel have a love interest?  Explained
War Machine and Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel (Vol. 10) #26 (Image: Marvel Comics)

In the comics, Captain Marvel had her greatest romance with War Machine, aka James Rhodes. While the two characters shared a screen during Avengers: Endgame and exchanged dialogues, both of them had no chemistry in the film.

War Machine and Captain Marvel’s romance is one of the greatest we’ve seen in the comics. As for the question of if we will ever see the two characters romancing it out on the big screen? We don’t think it will happen.

Firstly, there remains an apparent age gap between the two actors, which is almost impossible to ignore. While Don Cheadle is 56, actor Brie Larson, who plays Captain Marvel, is 32. However, this is not the case for their Marvel Comic counterparts.

Even if the MCU hypothetically decides to go with the plot where War Machine and Captain Marve are dating, it would seem far-fetched. On another note, given the apparent age gap between the two, fans might prefer a recast for War Machine.

However, even after considering the age gap between War Machine and Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s not entirely out of the picture. We might get to see some sparks in the future if the creators decide to take that route.

Captain Marvel’s love interest in the MCU: Will we see one in the future?

Left: War Machine promotional poster |  Right: Captain Marvel 2019 (Image via Marvel Studios)
Left: War Machine promotional poster | Right: Captain Marvel 2019 (Image via Marvel Studios)

On a different note, time constraints in 2019’s Captain Marvel could be considered a reason why the MCU decided not to pursue the road. With Maria Rambeau, Nick Fury, and her mentor Yon-Rogg, the movie doesn’t have enough time to establish Captain Marvel’s love interest, at least that’s what director Anna Boden says.

As for Captain Marvel’s future love interest in the MCU, there is a possibility for a same-sex couple. The indication comes through Kelly Sue DeConnick, who writes Captain Marvel comics. When asked if there could be a same-sex couple in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she replied:

“Sure, why not? Love is love.”

Furthermore, director Anna Boden also said:

“One day, I hope Captain Marvel finds somebody that is a good support for her, be that male or female.”

It is important to note that the conversation happened with respect to MCU’s Captain Marvel and not the Marvel Comics’ version.

So far, we’ve established that Captain Marvel was not written with the intent of having a love interest in the 2019’s MCU movie. However, that doesn’t point to the character not having a future romantic relationship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With Captain Marvel busy saving the universe from multiple threats, the topic regarding her love life has not been explored in the MCU yet. Suffice to say, the creators must have thought of something to work with in the future Captain Marvel movie.


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