Marvel Hints X-Men Fan Theory Has Correctly Identified a Hidden Villain

X-Men fans have been convinced that the secret of Sinister’s clones has been staring readers in the face for months, and Marvel just confirmed it.

Fans of the X-Men have been gathering some pretty impressive theories about the true identity of Mister Sinister’s other clones, particularly after Marvel recently confirmed the clones are hiding in plain sight, and the evidence from fans is starting to stack up.

Mister Sinister, long-time villain of the X-Men and pretty much every hero on Earth, is known for his eugenic and immortality-focused genetic research, and throughout his time on the Quiet Council of Krakoa he has shown time and time again that his obsession with clones has not abated. However, after the shock reveal that the villainous Doctor Stasis was actually a Mister Sinister clone, with a club on his head instead of a diamond, fans began to theorize on whom the “heart” and “spade” Sinister clones were, quickly narrowing in on two mysterious enemies of the X-Men that have emerged in the Krakoan Age.


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The official canon confirmation that there were at least four Sinister clones came in the final pages of the recent Immortal X-Men #8 – written by the brilliant Kieron Gillen – which saw Mystique and Destiny’s first encounter with Nathaniel Essex (aka Sinister) back in the 1800s. As for the theories around who exactly the Heart Sinister and Spade Sinister are, Marvel has formally confirmed that both are “hiding in plain sight,” and many X-Men fans believe that the Heart will be revealed to be Mother Righteous from Legion of X and the Spade will be Orbis Stellaris from SWORD spirit X-Men Red. @LastGlimpseShowan X-Men fan and listener of the Cerebro podcast hosted by Connor Goldsmith, posted a fascinating document on Twitter that he apparently made for the Cerebro Discord which collected many of the different aspects of the fan theories on Orbis Stellaris and Mother Righteous. Out of the two fan theories, the one that seems most likely (and almost undeniable at this point) is that Orbis Stellaris is the Spade Sinister clone. The post by @LastGlimpseShow collects images from several issues of Immortal X-Men spirit X-Men Red which included two major hints that Stellaris – who was introduced as an intergalactic weapons dealer and the Galactic Rim Collective’s representative – is actually a Sinister.

Sinister Is Watching, Sinister Is Everywhere

One major hint is that Orbis Stellaris admits in a Data Page that, “Very few people know that I am originally from Earth” as well as being 189 in human years, lining up his age to right around when Essex was creating his original clones in the 1800s. Plus, Essex in Immortal X-Men #8 postulated that the survival of Earth in the future could depend on the use of adapted technology, and Orbis Stellaris is an “organic/mechanical fusion construct,” and is also known to produce his warriors through the use of cloning! The theory about Mother Righteous being the Heart Sinister is slightly more tenuous, and relies on the fact that writer Kieron Gillen promised to include theological and esoteric research in his comics, with @LastGlimpseShow’s collage pointing towards the fact that the “golden dawn” Essex mentions in Immortal X-Men #8 could be a reference to the “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn,” a real life occult group that believed in the metaphysical magic of the living world. Essex also mentioned that future threats from machine-kind could be defeated through “science-tamed superstition” and Mother Righteous’ whole shtick is about obtaining power through belief. Plus the Golden Dawn believed in the goddess Babalon, or the “Scarlet Woman,” and Righteous is not only a God-like entity but has deep red skin. From a physical standpoint, Righteous’ exposed chest also forms what looks like a red heart, spirit she has never once removed her mask which would be concealing her heart mark.

These various X-Men fan theories go way deeper than what can be written here, and while Marvel has not yet formally revealed who is actually the Heart and Spade Mister Sinister clones, the research and investigation these fans have done is enough to convince many online of who the real clones are.

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Source: Marvel Entertainment, @LastGlimpseShow

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