10 Strongest Avengers Still Missing From The MCU

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever just gave its latest contender for the title of “Strongest Avenger in the MCU” with Namor. The caveat, of course, is that he’d have to become a more heroic figure since he was the main antagonist of the Black Panther sequel. Nevertheless, his inherent strength rivals that of the Hulk and even Thor, living up to his deification by his fellow Talokans. The film hasn’t been out that long, but many fans are eagerly anticipating a Namor film in the distant future where he can showcase even more of his powers and complexities.

While the MCU is currently stacked with incredibly powerful heroes, from Captain Marvel to Scarlet Witch, some big hitters from the comics are still waiting in the wings for their time in the spotlight. Some have gotten attention in animated series or other films, but not yet in the MCU – yet thanks to the foundations being set currently, many are being primed to make their long-awaited appearances. From the Avengers’ vast roster in the comics, these heroes are truly the strongest who have yet to show up in the MCU



10 Strongest Avengers Still Missing From The MCU

Scarlet Witch is the presumptive champion currently, but there is one character who could come to rival her should he ever join the MCU, Rob Reynolds aka Sentry. The true scope of his incredible abilities is still unknown, but he’s been described as possessing the power of a million exploding suns with immortality, invulnerability, telepathy, and more to boot. He is easily Marvel’s most overpowered character, a man enhanced by the Super Soldier Serum who could rival supreme cosmic entities like Galactus.

With all that power, comes a lot of complications. He has some severe mental health issues, suffering from many extreme phobias, addiction, and schizophrenia, all of which corporealize as his equally powerful evil counterpart, the Void. This, in particular, demands a sincere depiction should they introduce him. However, the care shown in Moon Knight hope is given for such a possibility. All in all, though, should he come into play, they’d like to have to treat him how they’ve treated the Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Scarlet Witch – finding ways to depower them or take them out of the equation until the climactic third act fight.

Blue Marvel

Blue Marvel uses his powers in Marvel Comics.

While the MCU might not be ready for Sentry yet, it primed for Blue Marvel. Adam Brashear was a Korean War vet and scientist who was experimenting with antimatter from the Negative Zone, which, naturally, went haywire, and he ended up being doused in an incredible amount of radiation. That granted him immense strength, invulnerability, longevity, and the powers of antimatter manipulation and flight. Using his newfound abilities, he became the Blue Marvel, fighting crime and villainy – that is until the President urged him to stop as he determined the world wasn’t ready for a Black superhero.

Blue Marvel’s backstory is thematically in line with Elijah Bradley’s from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – which are seemingly set to be examined more in Captain America: New World Order. Furthermore, as the Negative Zone is also importantly connected to the Fantastic Four, Captain Marvel, and Nova, Blue Marvel’s introduction will soon become even more possible.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl as she appeared in Marvel Comics

She might not look it, but Squirrel Girl is not someone to mess with. In addition to her fluffy tail, buck teeth, sharp claws, enhanced agility and reflexes, and ability to communicate with squirrels, Doreen Green is surprisingly strong. She’s so strong and such a good fighter, she’s not only defeated Wolverine, but also the big purple baddie, Thanos.

She is more often connected to the Avengers offshoot, the Great Lake Avengers with members like Big Bertha, Flatman, and Mister Immortal – introduced in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, played by David Pasquesi. From that and the fact that the MCU has already featured weirder characters, the time is ripe to finally introduce Squirrel Girl. She’d even be a good option to headline her Disney+ series.


Hyperion standing in a comic panel

Marvel has several comps for Superman, but none as explicit as Hyperion, who is a pastiche of the Man of Steel. Along with other Justice League composites, Nighthawk, Whizzer, and Doctor Spectrum, he is introduced initially as a villain and member of Squadron Sinister. However, over the years they are reintroduced as heroes and the Squadron Supreme, a team that could be a cool fit for their Disney+ series.

Hyperion has various origins in the comics, but for the MCU he’d fit in as a multiversal hero, the last Eternal of his universe. He essentially has all the same abilities as Superman, making him quite similar to Ikaris from Eternals. Interestingly, he and Squadron Sinister would make for cool villains in the MCU, yet the trope of the “Evil Superman” has been overplayed in the past decade by MCU with Ikaris, DC Comics itself in the DCU, Homelander in The Boysand Omni-Man in Invincible. As such, audiences are eager to see a heroic Superman figure and Marvel might end up beating DC to the punch with Hyperion.


Quasar Quantum Bands

Many of the most powerful heroes gain their powers thanks to wild experiments or mutations, but in the case of Wendell Vaughn, he gains his through a set of special bracelets. These are the Quantum Bands, powerful weapons created by the celestial entity, Eon, that mark him as the Protector of the Universe. He becomes Quasar, one of Marvel’s premier and coolest cosmic heroes, and an Avenger for some time.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Quasar pop up yet in the Multiverse Saga. With the likes of The Marvels, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Novaand a supposed project for Silver Surfer, the MCU’s cosmos are rapidly expanding as the pace quickens to Avengers: Endgame. However, they each already have a lot on their plate about narrative structure and new introductions. As such, Quasar’s time might not be coming until Phase Seven or so.


Storm uses here lightning powers in Marvel Comics.

Namor’s introduction in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is all the more epic and impactful as he also got to say the word “mutant” for the first time in the MCU – an appropriate thing for Marvel’s first mutant. More mutants are on their way with the likes of Abigail Brand, Sabra, Deadpool, and Wolverine, priming the franchise for beloved characters like Storm. Although rightfully associated with the X-Men, she has also served on the Avengers roster.

Ororo Munroe is among the special class of Omega-Level mutants like Magneto, Jean Grey, Iceman, and Legion – her elemental powers are so vast she’s even been shown controlling cosmic storms. At her prime and most focused, there are very few characters who would want to be fighting Storm.


The god of War Ares in Marvel Comics

Thor: Love and Thunder debuted another character on the same level as Thor and Namor, the Olympian demigod, Hercules, played by Ted Lasso‘s Brett Goldstein. While there hasn’t been any word on where he might appear next, the stage has been set for the arrival of another incredibly powerful god, his half-brother, Ares. Also, like Namor, Ares has become a true anti-hero, having gone from opposing the Avengers to becoming a member himself – granted then he stayed on as a member of the Dark Avengers led by the dastardly Norman Osborn.

Ares has all the same strength and durability as other Olympians, but with the added powers that befit his station as the God of War. It takes either many characters teaming up to beat him – or someone like Sentry who horrifically ripped him in half once, but that just goes to show his inherent strength. Whenever Hercules returns, Ares will likely be there too, and likely as an antagonist. However, eventually, he should be allowed to transition into the anti-hero he is now in the comics.

Captain Universe

Captain Universe hovering above the heroes in Marvel comics

Thor: Love and Thunder also might’ve snuck in the introduction of another powerful hero, Singularity, as Thor’s new daughter, Love. Her inclusion would make sense with the expansion of the Multiverse, but an alternative option for who she could be is an adaptation of Captain Universe, the guardian of Eternity. If she isn’t, well then, the film still laid the groundwork for the cosmic character’s introduction.

Many Marvel characters have become Captain Universe, empowered by Eternity and the Enigma Force, including Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Invisible Woman, and even Aunt May. They are all granted control over all types of matter and energy, while also enhancing all preexisting abilities. Like Quasar, Captain Universe’s true moment to shine might be best saved until Marvel’s cosmos are truly at center stage.


Amadeus Cho in Marvel comics

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law saw the introduction of the titular hero and the return of Abomination. Captain America: New World Order is set to bring back both Tim Blake Nelson finally as The Leader and recently-recast Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross as Red Hulk. As such, only a few major gamma mutates remain missing from the MCU, including Amadeus Cho, the Awesome Hulk – although now he uses the moniker, Brawn.

Upon his initial transformation, he isn’t as inherently strong as the Hulk, but his powers develop exponentially to the point that he was able to beat Thor in a fight once. On top of that sheer strength, he didn’t suffer the same internal struggles between his Hulk and human selves – retaining his mass intelligence as one of the world’s smartest heroes. Like in the comics, Amadeus Cho could fill out the roster for the Young Avengers as Brawn joining Kate Bishop, Kamala Khan, and Ironheart.


The Thing from Marvel Comics

Ben Grimm aka the Thing is best recognized as one of the Fantastic Four, but like Storm of the X-Men, he’s spent some time on the Avengers. One the merit of inherent, physical, and brute strength, The Thing is among the best of the best. Like Brawn, others like the Hulk, Blue Marvel, and Sentry will outpace him, but The Thing can certainly hold his own for a while.

Naturally, his rock-like physique allows him to be pummeled relentlessly and stand strong. There are very few things and characters who could actually break him and come close to drawing blood, such as Wolverine’s adamantium claws. Overall, though, the Thing’s strength and durability are then enhanced and made all the more impressive by his sheer resilience, conviction, and willpower, earning his spot here.

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