The Marvel Universe Has a Forgotten Angelic Symbiote

Ever since symbiotes first emerged in the Marvel Universe, they have provided the crux of some of the most shocking, horrifying, and violent stories in comics. At their outset, Eddie Brock and Venom’s relationship was the template for every host/symbiote dynamic going forward. Years later, Cletus Kasady and Carnage proved that such a precedent was always meant to be broken. While Cletus and Carnage have gone on to leave behind an excruciatingly gruesome legacy, they have also managed to shatter their own expectations time and time again, not in the least by giving rise to Marvel’s first and only symbiote angel.

When Jubulile Van Scotter was first seen in 2016’s Carnage #6 (by Gerry Conway and Mike Perkins), she was in the middle of a sailing trip around the world. Unfortunately, her endeavor was interrupted by the sudden appearance of none other than Cletus Kasady who Jubulile fished out of the ocean on the verge of death. At the time, she had no idea what she was letting onto her boat, although it didn’t take long before Cletus revealed his true nature, as well as the infernal Darkhold which he had used to augment his symbiote. Originally, he intended to turn Jubulile into one of his unwitting followers with a piece of his symbiote. However, he ended up transforming her into something unlike he could have ever expected.

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Where Did Marvel’s Angelic Symbiote End Up After Saving the World?

The Marvel Universe Has a Forgotten Angelic Symbiote

After sacrificing her boat in an attempt to destroy Cletus and Carnage, Jubulile was rescued by the unexpected team of John Jameson, Eddie Brock, Manny Calderon, and the Darkhold hunting Victoria Montesi. While the team had been chasing Cletus and the Darkhold down for months, the piece of Carnage left behind inside Jubulile gave them exactly the edge they needed over their quarry, as it allowed her to sense him during the course of their search. This made it easy enough for the heroes to track Carnage down, although it didn’t offer much hope in terms of taking him down. At least, that was the case until Jubulile’s original symbiote was joined by two others.

Despite catching up with Carnage, the heroes weren’t able to prevent him from summoning Chthon on Earth. In the hopes of staving off the end of the world, Eddie bestowed upon Jubulile a portion of his own symbiote, and when that wasn’t enough she stole away with Claire Dixon’s Raze symbiote, as well. Together, these symbiotes channeled the innate goodness within her, allowing her to emerge as a beaming purple and white symbiote angel capable of single-handedly saving the world. When Chthon threatened to bring forth his fellow dark elder gods on Earth, Jubulile stood in open defiance of him, and with what seemed like no effort at all she banished the villain before her symbiote dissipated in the wake of the onslaught.

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Marvel’s Angelic Symbiote May Step Back into the Spotlight

anniversary van scotter theres still hope

In the aftermath of these events, Jubulile was left to return to her otherwise extraordinary life as a teenager while her fellow heroes returned to their own respective duties across the globe. Although she hasn’t been seen since it is hard to imagine there isn’t still a place for her somewhere in the Marvel Universe. This isn’t just because of the astonishing display of heroism she gave the rest of the world, but most especially because she now exists in more than one place, even if she doesn’t realize it.

Like all other symbiote hosts, Jubulile is all but assured to exist somewhere within the symbiote Hive as a Codex. This living copy of a person’s consciousness has been a staple of the symbiote corner of the Marvel Universe for years and was the means by which Eddie and Flash Thompson were able to resurrect themselves long after their deaths. It could also be how Jubulile’s angelic symbiote is able to make its return should the need for it arise in the future. Of course, that prospect could be complicated by the fact that Jubulile’s symbiote was as much a creation of her own as it was anyone, or anything else. Then again, complicated has never meant impossible in the Marvel Universe, just as impossible has rarely if ever been taken seriously by the heroes and villains who inhabit it.

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