Wolverine’s New Armor Is the Ultimate Healing Factor Upgrade

Wolverine’s newest armor enhances his healing factor to ultimate levels, allowing him to fight one of Marvel’s most dangerous magical villains.

Warning: SPOILERS for Midnight Suns #3

Marvel’s Wolverine is one of the most ferocious X-Men thanks to his healing factor – and now a magical upgrade makes his superpower even stronger and deadlier. The most popular mutant character in comics is known for his ferocity in battle, his super senses that alert him to danger, and a power that keeps him alive in fights that other superheroes would not survive. Now Midnight Suns #3 reveals Wolverine’s new magical costume that grants him a massive boost, and allows him to heal from magical contamination.


Logan’s skeleton is covered in a night-unbreakable metal known as Adamantium, but that isn’t his mutant power (although his claws are natural; the metal covers the bone). His real ability is a supercharged healing factor rivaled only by Deadpool in terms of potency. Wolverine has survived stab wounds, gunshots, blunt force trauma, and even attacks directly to his heart and other vital organs, but he’s always lacked certain defenses against magical abilities – until now.

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In Midnight Suns #3, written by Ethan Sacks with art by Luigi Zagaria, the titular group of superheros are trapped in another dimension, away from Zoe: the woman who may or may not cause the apocalypse. The otherworldly demon Valtorr has his own plans, and his own realm in which mere mortals (even superheroes) cannot survive. As a Tony Stark variant of the Sorcerer Supreme says, “You wouldn’t last long in the corrosive mists of that place without protection…you’ll have to wear these things to save your world.” The demonic gloves offered by the Sorcerer Supreme grant the entire roster of the Midnight Sun new, jet-black uniforms…with new powers.

Wolverine’s Healing Factor Now Has Magical Resistance

Wolverine and the Midnight Suns get new armor

The “corrosive” realm of Valtorr, according to this Tony Stark, means travel would be exceedingly difficult for any regular human or even a superhuman. Fortunately, Wolverine’s incredible healing factor resists nearly every dangerous element on Earth – but now Wolverine’s powers are enhanced. Consider Wolverine’s claws: they’re red instead of metallic silver, meaning the suits affect the inside of the body as well as the outside. Now, Wolverine presumably has increased resistance to Valtorr’s realm – and perhaps even Valtorr himself.

Wolverine is an odd choice for the Midnight Suns, as the character usually lacks magical powers, magic knowledge and exists in the gritty, semi-realistic corner of the Marvel Universe in which enemies are relatively more grounded than demons and sorcerers. Nevertheless, he provides a perfect foil to the more scholarly characters like Doctor Strange, and he is frequently used as a blunt instrument when spells fail. Now, Wolverine has magical resistance to a demonic location, making him the perfect character to attack the many magical enemies of the team.

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