Is Robert Eggers In-Talks with Marvel for Thor 5?

Back in 2015, Robert Eggers made his directional debut with The Witch, a period-accurate horror that was exceptionally well received by viewers. It was credited for reviving the genre and was an incredible financial success. This film was followed by The Lighthouse, a film done in black-and-white that he worked on with his brother. It managed to do just as well as his first film. After the slight crash of Robert Eggers’ The Northmanhis fans have been discussing his next project, and many are excited for him to direct Thor 5 in his iconic style.

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Hope for Thor 5

After the disappointment that was Thor: Love and Thunder, fans have been theorizing about who would be next to take on the story of the god of thunder, and without much hesitation, many began turning their heads towards Robert Eggers. Of course, his film style would be very different to what Marvel is giving us now, but many fans would actually be incredibly excited about this.

In the comics, Thor has always been more of a serious character, doing his duty and occasionally getting a little bit confused by Earth customs. Of course, the MCU has branched off a bit since then, but it would be an interesting turn for Chris Hemsworth’s Thor to return to his pre-Ragnarök days and Robert Eggers, with his knack for keeping things accurate to their time period, could be the perfect person to do that.

Is Robert Eggers In-Talks with Marvel for Thor 5?

Egger’s Filmmaking Future

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Eggers discussed The Northman and what his plans would be moving forward from it. Fans were happy to hear that he wouldn’t be diverging from his style or what has made him so popular recently, but they were disappointed to find out that the likelihood of him directing a film from Marvel was slim to none. He said:

“I need to re-strategize in terms of what I’m pitching to a studio. Like, how do I be me and survive in this environment? Because while they wouldn’t have me anyway, I wouldn’t want to direct a Marvel movie, and I’m also not going to try to get the rights to Spawn or something, either. I’m going to keep doing what I’m going to do. But I know that everybody’s nervous right now, you know? Everybody’s nervous. And it’s justifiable.”

This is unfortunate news, but it is good to know that Eggers will continue to do what he does best, no matter what the response.

While The Northman might not have been as much of a financial success as movies like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it was received a lot better by viewers and critics alike. This attests a lot to what a director is able to do when they are given the freedom to use their artist license however they please.

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