Zoe Saldana Explains Reason for Multiple Gamora Heads

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 star Zoe Saldaña explained the reason there’s multiple Gamora heads floating around. Jimmy Fallon asked the Marvel actress about her excitement about being a part of so many big franchises. She told the host that a bunch of those heads were necessary for costuming and makeup. Another added bonus would be the ability to get the Guardian of the Galaxy into big battle shots where they wouldn’t need Saldaña to be running around with so many other actors. She admits that its all a little bit over her head, but the technology undoubtedly helps matters. Fallon is just listening intently as the actress describes the type of movie magic that is necessary to get these big Marvel movies off the ground. While he was impressed by all this talk, he comments about working on Avatar: The Way of Water were also head-spinning too. They’re in the video with all of this head talk right here.

“There’s a minimum of four,” Saldaña revealed. “That’s a lot of me’s. The thing is these are created by taking a cast of my head. It’s so they can put the wigs on and the kind of additional prosthetics for Gamora. Sometimes it’s just to put her in the background… Kind of like ‘Where’s Waldo.'”

What’s Coming In Volume 3?

Entertainment Weekly spoke to James Gunn about what to expect from the last go-around with these characters. It feels like the end of an era for this group of Guardians. But, the Holiday Special offered some well-intentioned levity.

“It was great because the shooting schedules were totally intermingled. Vol. 3 has a lot of the fun and the goofy stuff of Guardians, but it’s also incredibly emotional. It’s the end of the story for this group of Guardians, so there was a lot of emotion around it,” Gunn shared. “It was very serious a lot of the time. The actors were all pushing themselves a lot, especially Chris Pratt. It was heavy. So to be able to take a day off and go shoot this goofy, low-stakes comedy show where nothing was really too serious, that was really a relief, and it was a lot of fun. I really would look forward to those holiday special days on my schedule. It’s like, ‘Oh, it’s a holiday special day today. Let’s party.'”

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