Ghost Rider Pushed His Power Beyond the Limit

The following contains spoilers for Avengers Forever #11, available now from Marvel Comics.

During the Avengers’ battles across realities against the Multiversal Masters of Evil, countless iterations of nearly all of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have stepped into the spotlight. As astonishing as these interdimensional heroes might be, none of them come close to the sheer power that has been put on display by the primary version of Robbie Reyes, aka Ghost Rider. For what fate has foretold, Robbie is on the cusp of claiming his place as the All-Rider, a being capable of feats that his predecessors could only dream of.

Deathlok and the variant of Tony Stark known as Ant-Man have arrived at a world overrun by Norman Osborn’s Goblin Corps in their search for fellow Avengers to join in their fight. As seen in the pages of Avengers Forever #11 (by Jason Aaron, Jim Towe, Frank Martin, and VC’s Cory Petit), the heroes and the Captain Fury of this world are hardly outmatched despite being outnumbered. With little more than a single touch, Robbie Reyes’ infernal flames wash over the Helicarrier that the heroes are standing atop. Not only does this mark what is likely any Ghost Rider’s biggest ride, but it also stands as proof of just what Robbie will be capable of as the All-Rider.

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What is Marvel’s All-Rider?

Ghost Rider Pushed His Power Beyond the Limit

The idea of ​​the All-Rider is one that Marvel fans have been waiting in anticipation of for quite some time. As it stands, the All-Rider is set to be the most powerful form any Ghost Rider has taken on. In terms of the usual abilities revolving around Hellfire or Penance Stares, Robbie is already displaying a level of strength that surpasses almost every other Spirit of Vengeance that the Marvel Universe has seen. He has also apparently formed a deeper connection to the various other spirits in need of revenge than his fellow Riders, although that might not be as good as it seems.

From what Deathlok has let on, the transformation into the All-Rider will be accompanied by the complete loss of Robbie’s sense of self. This would make sense assuming that the power of the All-Rider is more than his human form can withstand, although it does beg the question of how deep that power runs. While most Ghost Riders have drawn their strength from various demons or other dark pacts, Robbie found his after being possessed by the vengeful spirit of his twisted, villainous uncle. In the time since, Robbie has shed that influence, yet his abilities have remained, which only makes his current circumstances all the more mysterious.

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Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider May be the All-Rider

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Now that his status as the All-Rider is emerging, it is likely safe to assume that the true source of Robbie’s powers has always come from somewhere other than a single angry ghost. Considering he is apparently the only version of himself in the multiverse, the font of his All-Rider abilities could even be inextricably tied to him specifically. If that proves to be the case, then Robbie might not have ever been a Ghost Rider in the same way as his predecessors for more reasons than just lacking a Spirit of Vengeance.

Whatever the case turns out to be, Robbie has at least made it clear that he is far from what the Multiversal Masters of Evil are expecting to encounter. With the power of every lost, desperate, and scarred soul poised to go coursing through his veins at any moment, the All-Rider is easily the greatest asset that the heroes have in their fight for the fate of every reality. And, with any luck, Robbie Reyes himself might even get to survive the experience.

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