Hydra’s Evil Captain America Suffered a Gruesome Fate

There is no doubt Captain America is one of Marvel’s flagship characters, and honestly, a major icon in pop culture in general. It’s been that way for decades, with fans obsessed over how much this beloved hero represents patriotism throughout his long publishing history. He’s been thrust into the limelight even more in the Marvel Cinematic Universe recently, thanks to Chris Evans’ iconic depiction of the selfless soldier.

This brings a whole new generation of eyes to the character that Joe Simon and Jack Kirby originally brought to life in the 1940s. However, Steve Rogers hasn’t always been a true blue fighting for justice. It was recently revealed that future Marvel events feature Captain America as an evil figure in Sins of Sinister and running amok in an alternate future run by X-Men villain, Mister Sinister. But prior to that, the nastiest take on Captain America came in Secret Empirewhere he did atrocious things, only to meet a grisly death that felt apropos to all his sins.

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Hydra Cap Was a Fascist Dictator

Hydra’s Evil Captain America Suffered a Gruesome Fate

In 2016’s Secret Empire, Nick Spencer oversaw a controversial shift in the status quo, where Red Skull used the sentient cube, Kobik, to rewrite reality. There, Steve was a Hydra spy all along, manipulating the Avengers and the US government in many missions for his group’s benefit. He’d work the legal system, take out other heroes secretly, and eventually take over as the Supreme Leader. He used the Darkforce to imprison the US, while putting other peers in place to stymie resistance.

He even corrupted the likes of Punisher and Deadpool, bringing about a Nazi-like regime. Sadly, he’d end up playing key roles in the deaths of Rick Jones and Black Widow, but thankfully, Bucky and Ant-Man were able to work on the cube, and bring the real Steve back. Both Captains came to blows, with Hydra Cap being beaten and then locked away. This left Steve with the gargantuan task of rehabilitating his image after all the war and bloodshed. In that sense, Hydra Cap won the ultimate war of ideologies because he permanently sullied the shield and symbol. Needless to say, the public response was unforgiving.

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Hydra Cap Met a Horrific Fate

Hydra Cap got melted by Selene after Secret Empire

Evil Steve was placed in a high-security facility called the Shadow Pillar, content to live out his days. He knew he’d have some followers disguised as guards, though. That said, the likes of Deadpool did visit, a clear warning sign of chaos. The first case occurred when Baron Zemo tried to break evil Steve out, only for the Punisher to foil the attempt. There was success, however, when Alexa Lukin, who was part of the Power Elite, got him a pardon.

She held massive power, nodding to the Illuminati, and now, the Outer Circle — but she was not an ally at all. Once rescued, the vampire Selene ambushed evil Steve. While he got some licks in, she used her super-speed and strength to break his ankle. And then to accentuate her deadly intent, Selene melted him down. Nevertheless, Hydra Cap died hailing Hydra as a truly loyal member of the terrorist group. It was truly a scary sight, but like Deadpool said, it’s something he’d deserve. So many innocents perished at his hand, with evil Steve always adamant he was doing the right thing and saving the world. Thus, it was hard to draw any sympathy for him, because he knew what he did, the lies he perpetuated, and how dictatorial he was. Ultimately, this was his comeuppance, wrapping his story in a very squeamish manner.

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