Can Spider-Man lift Thor’s Mjolnir? Explained

The question of whether or not Spider-Man can wield Thor’s Mjolnir has always been a topic of discussion for the fandom. While Captain America and Captain Marvel have briefly lifted the weapon in different situations, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is yet to do so. Interestingly, this puts him in line with the other superheroes, such as Iron Man and the Hulk, who can’t lift Thor’s legendary hammer.

Mjolnir was created by Odin and is considered a powerful celestial weapon in the MCU. It is gifted with special powers which get transferred to the ‘worthy’ user of the hammer. Built from the fictional metal Uru, Mjolnir can determine an individual as worthy or unworthy. Aside from that, the hammer can lend its powers to its users to further enhance the fighter’s capabilities.

Odin’s spell on the hammer makes it one of the most powerful weapons. Moreover, this was the Norse god’s intentional move to secure the hammer from getting into the wrong hands of undeserving users. On that note, let’s take a look at whether or not Thor’s hammer considers Spider-Man worthy of its powers.

Spider-Man’s potential to be worthy of Mjolnir

The friendly Spider-Man (Image Credit via Marvel Studios)
The friendly Spider-Man (Image Credit via Marvel Studios)

To understand what defines ‘worthy’ from Mjolnir’s point of view, one needs to look at Thor, a Norse demigod with superhuman qualities and strength. He even had to earn his worth by putting aside his entitlement and striving for the greater good. As such, his physical strength is complemented by the hammer’s special powers and gives Thor a larger-than-life image.

On the other hand, Spider-Man functions on a different level than the God of Thunder. While both have an array of impressive feats under their belts, it remains to be seen to what extent Spidey can be proven worthy of Mjolnir based on his superhero qualities.

Spider-Man’s msingular strength

Spider-Man as seen in No Way Home (Image via Marvel Studios)
Spider-Man as seen in No Way Home (Image via Marvel Studios)

In a general sense, ‘worthiness’ for Mjolnir includes all the good qualities – morality, self-sacrifice, fairness, courage, conscience, higher physical strength, and intellect. Not so surprisingly, Spider-Man has them all.

However, it also includes greater self-esteem. Iron Man couldn’t lift the hammer since he doubted his ability, and Spider-Man is not totally immune to self-doubt either. He questions himself in many situations but finally overcomes the dilemma through willpower. This is a worthy quality.

Uncle Ben’s advice to take ‘responsibility’ as seriously as ‘power’ has developed Peter’s conscience and compassion. Add to that his higher nerdy intellect that helped him build the right device to shoot webs or design his suit, and it proved that Spider-Man has higher mental capabilities.

Spidey’s physical strength

It is a given in any fictional universe that a superhero has to be strong. They do not fight ordinary roadside hoodlums but bigger, nastier, universal villains. Time and again, Spider-Man has proven his worth in this field. Although endowed with a slim teenager’s body, his spider-sense helps him detect attacks and avoid or fight as needed. He can also lift heavy weights, ranging from 20 to 300 tons. Moreover, he can stop a running train or pull half of a cruise ship!

There have been multiple instances in the MCU and the comics where Spider-Man amazes the fanbase with an incredible display of strength. From fighting the huge Sandman in Spider-Man 3 to pushing back a 40,000-pound bus holding civilians in The Amazing Spider-Man 2he even helped the struggling Iron Man by catching the war hammer of Cull Obsidian in Avengers: Infinity War. Evidently, he has the physical power to lift Mjolnir.

Spider-Man’s weakness

Spider-Man is hesitant to kill his foes (Image via Marvel)
Spider-Man is hesitant to kill his foes (Image via Marvel)

Fighting for the greater good requires one to combat like warlords, which requires the hero to kill. However, Spider-Man never kills. He remains the friendly neighborhood superhero fighting the villains continuously.

He has the greater good in sight but still tries to avoid bloodshed as much as possible. This is very different from what is required of universal superheroes. Odin expects the worthy superhero to go to that extra length and do whatever is needed to save the world, even kill.

Soft-hearted Spidey may never lift Mjolnir

Spider-Man rides the hammer in Avengers: Endgame (Image via Marvel)
Spider-Man rides the hammer in Avengers: Endgame (Image via Marvel)

The kind and gentle Spider-Man is an endearing character but not worthy of Mjolnir. If fans wait to see Peter Parker lift and use it in the MCU, they may be disappointed. Despite his strong moral sensibility and strength of character, Peter lacks the ruthlessness that destroys all evil. For this slight defect in character, Mjolnir will never find this Spider-Man worthy of it.

Spider-Man’s non-canonical encounters with Mjolnir

While Spider-Man hasn’t had to deal directly with Mjolnir on Earth-616, there are two cases where one can find the superhero with Thor’s mighty hammer.

One is the 2008 printed edition of Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man, where the Enchantress gives Spider-Man a fake Mjolnir which he wields to his glory. However, Thor arrives with the real Mjolnir shortly after and smashes the replica.

Another incident features Spider-Man 2099. Here, the superhero is not Peter Parker but Miguel O’Hara. With superior vision and a lethal attitude, this Spider-Man can take a life if necessary. Miguel O’Hara, as the webbed superhero, is given Mjolnir by Captain America. Surprisingly, he can lift the hammer but receives no special powers from it. He can only use it for constructive work.

Moreover, both these instances are alternate reality stories and are not part of the continuity of the Peter Parker series.


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