One of the X-Men Found an Explosive Way to use her Powers

In X-Terminators #3, a frequently underrated member of the X-Men found an all-new, all different way to use her powers – in explosive fashion.

The following contains spoilers for X-Terminators #3, now on sale from Marvel Comics.

The X-Men have always been incredibly adaptable in the use of their powers. They often train together and find new ways to use their abilities. However — especially in times of need — this can sometimes lead to creating weapons of mass destruction out of desperation.

Dazzler, Jubilee, and Boom Boom are able to use their powers in sync X-Terminators #3 (by Leah Willams, Carlos Gomez, Bryan Valenza, and VC’s Travis Lanham), outsmarting a tricky prison by turning the cheers of a crowd into the fuse for a truly destructive “Disco-Bomb.”

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The X-Men Turned a Striptease into a Deadly Force


Dazzler, Boom-Boom, Jubilee, and Wolverine have found themselves in a tough situation X-Terminators, captured by a horde of vampires and forced to fight their way through a deadly hall of mirrors filled with bloodsuckers. A veritable army of vampires hollering at them makes their escape from the supernatural prison even more difficult. But the cheers of the vampires end up giving Dazzler an idea of ​​how to break free of their mirrored prison. Playing to her experience as an entertainer, Dazzler is able to coax louder cheers from the crowd — allowing her to convert more and more noise into laser blasts with her mutant powers.

To get an even larger reaction, she convinces Boom Boom to put on an impromptu striptease, surprising the former New Mutant until she realizes the full extent of the plan. As the crowd goes wild for this, Boom Boom uses her powers to briefly shatter the glass that former vampire Jubilee had successfully been charging with her energy abilities. Combined with the cheers of the crowd, the resulting mix of sounds proves more than enough for Dazzler to create a “disco-bomb” attack that shatters the glass long enough for the heroes to escape.

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Dazzler’s Disco-Bomb is a Great New Fusion Attack


The modern era of X-Men stories has highlighted the concept of mutant technologies — the result of two different mutants using their powers in sync to create a new effect. It’s through these technologies that the X-Men have been able to terraform Mars into the planet Arakko, create the highly valuable Mysterium, and overcome death itself with the Five. This latest combination of powers takes three often underestimated mutant heroes and highlights how combining their powers (along with some additional noise from an unsuspecting crowd) can create a blast powerful enough to weaken a mystical prison.

By playing to her strengths, Dazzler was able to utilize her powers on a truly massive scale. In theory, Dazzler’s powers make her one of the most dangerous X-Men — with one variant of the mutant even teaming up with Black Bolt to kill Thanos. By combining her powers with the sound and fury of her fellow mutants, Dazzler is able to effectively create new mutant technology, an explosion so powerful that it can completely shatter something that’s mystically designed to be self-repairing. The blast doesn’t destroy the glass, but it slows the reformation of the substance enough for the heroes to escape the trap. It’s a massive new attack that, if utilized elsewhere, could prove to be a useful sneak attack from some typically underestimated mutants.

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