10 Marvel Heroes Who Should Get A Show Next

Disney+ and its original shows have been significantly impactful on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Shows like Loki spirit Wanda vision have had a significant impact on the MCU storyline, while more minor storylines such as Moon Knight spirit She-Hulk explore a self-contained narrative. The format has an incredible amount of potential and has only grown more interesting with time.

RELATED: 20 Smartest Decisions In The MCUThere are many characters that could benefit from the MCU show format, be it larger stories that impact the larger narrative or smaller stories exploring a single character. Contained shows like She-Hulk are great for exploring new themes and formats for the MCU, and could be a great platform for many heroes. On the other hand, grand shows like Loki are perfect for telling incredible, complex stories too large for a single movie.

10/10 Adam Warlock Is A Very Powerful Character

10 Marvel Heroes Who Should Get A Show Next

Adam Warlock has already been introduced to the MCU by way of a post-credit scene in guardians of the galaxy 2, where he was gestating in a Birthing Pod under the Sovereign Ayesha’s watchful eye. In the comics, Adam Warlock is a godlike being who wielded the Infinity Gauntlet and even became the Living Tribunal

It is incredibly difficult to introduce godly beings whilst keeping them interesting, and Adam Warlock has had a very long comic tenure to make him the hero he is today. A show could give him the time and space to develop that a movie couldn’t.

9/10 Hercules Is A Blank Slate For The MCU

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Hercules is currently a completely blank slate in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Viewers saw him once as Zeus tasked him with finding Thor in the post-credits scene of Thor: Love and Thunder, but the mythological Greek hero has had an incredibly long and storied history in the comics.

RELATED: The 13 Most Powerful Marvel Demigods, RankedThe Greek Pantheon as a whole is almost entirely unexplored in the MCU, but Asgardians and Eternals alike have proven that there is always room for more goods. A show starring a well-known hero like Hercules could provide a great deal of insight into a part of Marvel comicsuniverse that’s clearly going to be involved in the MCUgoing forward.

8/10 Ghost Rider Could Bring Some Much-Desired Supernatural Themes

Doctor Strange becomes the newest Ghost Rider in Marvel's Damnation

The Spirit of Vengeance had two movies around the 2010s, but since then his media presence has been tragically low. He had an arc in the show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., vanishing into Hell with the Darkhold. With the Darkhold out and about now, its the perfect time for the Ghost Rider to return to the spotlight.

The anti-hero is a force of Chaos, but also a powerful force for good. Ghost Rider could also serve as a great introduction to the more supernatural elements of the MCU, which have not been much explored as of now.

7/10 Black Knight Has Already Been Teased

Black Knight stabs an off-panel dragon during the King in Black event

Dane Whitman was first introduced in 2021’s Eternals as a mysterious character, but he was not involved much. But in a post-credits scene, Dane can be seen finding the fabled sword of Black Knight the Ebony Blade.

The legendary Black Knight mantle has been passed through generations, and it seems Dane is geared to inherit it next. A show chronicling this inheritance, and maybe even previous Black Knights and their lives, could establish a lot for this important character. The knightly lineage has a long, legendary story to tell, and a show could be an ideal format for it.

6/10 Captain Britain Would Add Some Variety To A Largely Unexplored Area

Captain Britain Excalibur MI13 Header

With the slow introduction of characters like Black Knight, it is clear the MCU is starting to explore outwards and looking for heroes around the world. Captain Britain could make an interesting pairing for Black Knight, as the two have often crossed paths in the comics and are a natural pairing.

RELATED: Captain Britain’s 10 Best Costumes In The Comics, RankedAs wielder of the power of Merlyn and an incredibly powerful hero, Captain Britain has a rich origin story that could explore many areas of the MCUyet-unexplored. With many storylines to pick from, a show could be an absolute joy and incredibly interesting to watch.

5/10 X-Men Origins Could Be Incredible With A Reboot

deadpool in x-men origins: wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a movie that now lives in infamy. The widely-derided movie focused on Wolverine and was meant to be the first of a series exploring the origin stories of the various X-Men from the early 2000s X-Men movies. It was received so poorly that any plans for a continued Origins series were canned shortly after the first movie’s release.

While X-Men Origins bombed at the time, fans are eager for the X-Men to return to the big screen. One great way to introduce them would be a series format, exploring the origins of each mutant as they are introduced to the MCU.

4/10 Wolverine Has Endless Stories

An Unexpected X-Man Is in Possession of Wolverine's Adamantium-Coated Skull

Wolverine is an incredibly complex character whose onscreen appearances culminated in the excellent Logan. However, with it being night-confirmed that Hugh Jackman is returning to reprise the role as now a part of the MCU, a series could be a great way to reintroduce the character and give him a new story.

Wolverine is a fan favorite and his reckless X-Men endeavors could fill hours of television. He has a rich collection of stories to tell, and a series would have easy pickings of which it would want to tell, considering Wolverine’s incredibly slow aging.

3/10 Jean Gray Could Be A Vital Part Of The Future Of The MCU

Jean Gray unleashing the power of the Phoenix Force in Dark Phoenix movie

Considering that the X-men have returned to the Marvel cinematic roster, the Phoenix Force could have a big part to play in a future story. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is always in need of more interesting villains, and the Phoenix Force is a very powerful antagonist.

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Jean Gray is one of, if not the most famous host for the Phoenix Force, and has had a widely lackluster depiction thus far in the various X-Men media. A show could prove to be the format the Phoenix Force needs to be properly developed as the ominous, universe-threatening force it’s meant to be.

2/10 Reed Richards Has Already Been Introduced, To Some Extent

John Krasinski as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange 2 looking down

Reed Richards appeared in an alternate universe in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and fans were ecstatic to see him. The legendary genius is a fan-favorite character, and his appearance seems to tease further Fantastic Four involvement.

The genius is famous for his brain, but also for his various feats as a great hero throughout Marvel comic runs. Reed Richards could step up and fill in for iconic lost leaders like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers in a way few other characters can.

1/10 Skaar Has An Incredibly Rich Origin Story That Could Be Explored

Skaar from She-Hulk over concept and comic art of the character

Skaar was introduced to the MCU in the final minutes of the She-Hulk show, but he seems to be here to stay. The son of Hulk is ridiculously powerful and has a leading role in the incredibly popular Planet Hulk storylines.

Hulk’s time on Sakaar is largely a mystery to the viewers of the MCU, and the now-introduced fact that he had a son during that time only adds further questions. A show following the nascent Hulk could explore this period of time from a unique perspective and tell a bevy of new stories.

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