10 Strongest Characters The Hulk Has Beaten

The Hulk has many forms, each angrier than the last. The angrier he gets, the stronger he gets; a simple rule with limitless potential. The upper limits of Hulk’s strength are unknown and may simply not exist. In Immortal Hulk #25 by Al Ewing, German Garcia, Joe Bennett, and Ruy José, a cosmic Hulk is shown to have extinguished all life in the universe in the distant future, including, presumably, all its heroes. There are many fights to support that possible future.

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Hulk has been a hero for most of his existence and considers most Mighty Marvel’s close friends, but it largely depends on which Hulk is behind the wheel. World War Hulk‘s Green Scar duck Immortal Hulk‘s Devil Hulk both emerged with scores to settle. He’s been beaten before, but always gets back up with a vengeance. These weren’t fights based on magic or intellect, but raw strength as the Hulk has smashed his way through enemies, friends, and colleagues to retain his title as the strongest one there is.

10/10 The U-Foes Are No Match For Hulk

10 Strongest Characters The Hulk Has Beaten

A dark mirror of The Fantastic Four, the U-Foes are old-school Hulk villains imbued with cosmic power, first fighting Hulk on the outskirts of reality in the cold vacuum of space. More recently, the classic D-list team appeared in Immortal Hulk #46, by Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Ruy José, Belardino Babo, and Paul Mounts.

Ironclad, the team’s physically strongest member, reveled in their apparent victory over the Hulk but was the first to go when Joe Fixit woke up, having absorbed the cosmic radiation as though it were gamma. Joe brutally crushed Ironclad’s hands and head, inhaled Vapor, then was sent away by a deeply frightened Vector.

Sentry vs Hulk in Marvel Comics

Marvel has many heroes with Superman-like costumes and powers. Sentry is one such clone, complete with an “S” on his belt and the strength to move whole planets. In World War Hulk #5, written by Greg Pak with pencils by John Romita Jr., inks by Klaus Janson, and colors by Christina Strain, his mettle was tested against the Green Scar.

Hulk is pretty indestructible, and Sentry has similar issues with mental health to Banner, suffering from a fractured sense of self that causes him to split his personality into distinct identities. Fighting at full power, the two heroes ended up reverting to their human forms, and Banner threw the final blow, knocking Robert Reynolds out cold.

8/10 Hulk’s Hulk Put Nova In A Coma

Kluh, the Hulk's Hulk

Nova #23, written by Gerry Duggan with pencils by David Baldeon, inks by Terry Pallot, and colors by David Curiel, features Sam Alexander, an immensely powerful adolescent space-cop and son of a previous Nova. As Kluh, the Hulk’s Hulk, rampages through Arizona, Sam flies into the conflict to save his mom and sister.

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The battle is brutal, especially considering Sam’s age. He puts up a good fight, even impressing Kluh with a few hits. Kluh squeezes all the air out of the child, then bites his arm, mangling it. When Sam wakes up in the hospital, he sees the dent in his helmet and knows he’s lucky to be alive.

7/10 Armageddon Never Stood A Chance

worldbreaker Hulk explodes with gamma energy

Arm’Cheddon, an immensely powerful alien warlord who, in his first appearance, overpowered the Silver Surfer. In Incredible Hulks #632written by Greg Pak with Paul Pelletier on pencils, Danny Miki on inks, and colors by Morry Hollowell and Jesus Aburtov, he made the mistake of assuming he could do the same to Hulk.

The villain, also known as Armageddon, had taken Rick Jones and Jen Walters hostage. Naturally, Hulk, now struggling to contain the Worldbreaker identity, couldn’t rest until he had them back. He used Armageddon’s arm-mounted energy blaster against him, shooting and then fully killing the warlord with a stomp that cracked the Earth.

6/10 Hulk Beats Three Super-Strong Mutants At Once

World War Hulk vs Juggernaut

Hulk is no stranger to the X-Men, having faced and teamed up with them on many occasions. In World War Hulk: X-Men #3, three of the strongest mutants from the X-Men and the Brotherhood come together in an effort to stop the Green Scar that ultimately falls flat. Christos N. Gage wrote the issue, with art from Andrea DiVito and colors by Laura Villari.

As Hulk tears through mutants to get to Xavier, he beats down heavy-hitters like Warpath and Wolverine before denting Colossus and bringing an explosion down on Strong Guy’s head, overloading his energy absorption abilities. Juggernaut, trying to be heroic, joins the conflict only for Hulk to use his own powers against him.

5/10 Hulk Pummeled The Prince Of Power

Hercules begs Hulk to stop hitting him

Hercules is one of Marvel’s strongest heroes, drawing his power from the Greek Gods themselves. The son of Zeus was part of a team tasked with containing the Hulk during the events of World War Hulk, as seen in Incredible Hulk #107, written by Greg Pak with pencils by Gary Frank, inks by Jon Sibal, and colors by Chris Sotomayor.

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For all his strength, Hercules was no match for the Green Scar, who had just transmitted a message to the world about his revenge tour and the wrongs done to him by so-called heroes. Hercules has outmatched Hulk in the past, but the Green Scar’s cold rage pushed him far beyond the strength of a mere demigod.

4/10 Hulk Threw Gladiator Into A Nuclear Reactor

Hulk drags Gladiator after overloading his heat vision

Yet another Superman-style character, Marvel’s Gladiator has always boasted about his strength. Rumored to have moved whole worlds and torn reality itself, he is undoubtedly strong. In Incredible Hulk Annual 1997written by Bill Rosemann with pencils by Jeff Rebner, inks by Mark Irwin, and colors by Glynis Oliver, his strength was tested against the Hulk.

After tussling in a forested area, Gladiator took the fight to space, flying Hulk into the air and blasting a hole in his chest via heat vision. Hulk, unfazed by the attack, palmed Gladiator’s face, sending the radiant beams back through the hero’s eyes. While Gladiator was stunned, Hulk grounded him and flung him into a nuclear reactor, decisively ending the fight.

3/10 Hulk and Thing Have A Long History

Hulk and Thing in Marvel Golden Age comics

Powered by cosmic rays, the Thing’s strength is potentially limitless. Since the early 60s, the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed bruiser has been a go-to opponent for the Hulk, given the monstrous nature of both characters. While their battles usually start with a misunderstanding and end in a draw, the Hulk has more decisive wins for his corner.

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In Secret Empire #6, written by Nick Spencer with art by Rod Reis, Leinl Francis Yu, and Joshua Cassara, the Hulk makes readers question how Thing ever stood a chance. Spurned on by the newly evil Captain America, the Hulk attacks while the resistance tries to plan, first defeating the Thing in two hits. The ensuing brawl ends with the nuclear option.

2/10 Abomination Is Hulk’s Perfect Rival

The Hulk punches Abomination through a mountain in Tales To Astonish #91

Supposedly, the Abomination is twice as strong as the Hulk. Obviously, that cannot be true for the strongest versions of Hulk, perhaps because of Bruce Banner’s capacity for rage, or maybe it’s because those early estimates stem from villainous overconfidence. Either way, despite his strength, Hulk beats Abomination time and time again.

In his first appearance Abomination knocked the Hulk out cold, but the victory was short-lived. In the following issue, Tales To Astonish #91, by Stan Lee, Bill Everett and Dan Adkins, Hulk wakes up only moments after going down and proceeds to punch Abomination into space and straight into the waiting arms of the cosmic being known as The Stranger.

1/10 Hulk Smashed Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

The Hulk fights the Avengers Captain America and Black Panther

Thor is one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe, with limitless strength to theoretically rival the Hulk. Combined with the strength and technology of T’Challa, Captain America, Iron Man, and She-Hulk, The Avengers could be Earth’s strongest heroes. Unfortunately, that title is spoken for.

The Avengers are unstoppable with Hulk on their side, butin Immortal Hulk #47, by Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Ruy José, and Paul Mounts, they’re unable to stop him. Having survived their previous battle–which vaporized a town–and evaded containment, Joe Fixit uses newfound power in the rematch, putting Thor in a disgusting headlock before teleporting safely away, thwarting the Avengers without seriously injuring anyone.

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