An AI art generator just remade The Avengers… as Wes Anderson

The Russo Brothers, Joe and Anthony, have made some of Marvel’s most successful movies, including The Avengers double-header that wrapped up the Infinity Stone saga. But what if those movies were made in 1980 and directed by indie auteur Wes Anderson? What If…?

The Russo Brothers dropped the idea into Midjourney and the AI ​​art generator popped out some startling images. At first glance the results, which were posted on the MCU Twitter (opens in new tab), are actually kind of fun, we get 1940s era Captain America, a version of Thanos who seems more concerned with office work than galactic chaos and a Cold War era Ant-Man. It all looks fun and weird, but some details are a little terrifying.

Why, for example, can the AI ​​art-generator Midjourney create natural and realistic hands for the robotic Iron Man but fails to paint humans with accurate fingers – spaghetti looks more natural. Scroll down for all the best images of the Russo-Brothers-Wes-Anderson-Avengers-Midjourney mashup.

AI art generated a Wes Anderson Guardians of the Galaxy

(Image credit: Midjourney / Marvel)

This depiction of Guardians of the Galaxy features so much fur and multiple raccoons. But why does Rocket Raccoon have human eyes? And why are they in the back of a 1980s Toyota LiteAce? Is that Kevin Bacon as Peter Quill? Lake. Many. Questions.

Ant-Man in the cold war

(Image credit: Marvel / Midjourney)

A Cold War era Ant-Man is a thing of beauty, but we’re also getting big Spaceballs vibes from that over-sized helmet.

The Avengers sat around a dinner table

(Image credit: Marvel / Midjourney)

Who wants to see an alternate The Avengers movie where the team sits around a dinner table discussing parenthood? Why does the ham look more realistic than Thor?

Iron Man in a 1980s vision

(Image credit: Marvel / Midjourney)

The depiction of Iron Man looks really good in a 1980s technology setting. There’s a real sense of place about this piece, but also, weirdly, why can Midjourney create perfect robot hands but struggles with human fingers?

Black Panther in an alternate look

(Image credit: Marvel / Midjourney)

All Ai art jokes aside, the depiction of Black Panther is very good. It feels like a 1940s Golden Era comic costume. Maybe Marvel should consider some Black Panther prequels?

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