Captain America has finally fought his way to the heart of the Outer Circle, only to lose his best friend and almost his life to its sprawling conspiracy. As difficult as it may be to come to terms with that realization, one of his oldest allies has just come around to help him through it. Not only that, but Namor has also offered him the best kind of assistance anyone possibly could, and in the process, he has revealed a deep truth about Captain America that even Steven Rogers had somehow forgotten.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #6 (by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Carmen Carnero, and VC’s Joe Caramagna) finds the titular hero resting and taking in the evening air alone while reflecting on recent events. When the silence is cut short by the arrival of Namor wielding Steve’s shield. The King of Atlantis immediately notices his somber state and the hole in his shoulder left by one of the Winter Soldier’s bullets. He is also just as quick to see right past the obvious injury to the one that is truly holding Steve down and to remind him that the only way to heal is to simply let it go.

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Namor Reveals the Saddest Truth About Captain America

captain america sentinel of liberty 7 not about the wound

Although they aren’t exactly the best of friends, Namor knows Steve fairly well, especially since he has been fighting alongside him far longer than either of them were Avengers. This is true of Bucky Barnes, too, as they were all founding members of the World War II era Invaders. Together with the original Human Torch and his sidekick Toro — Namor, Bucky, and Captain America took on countless Nazis, with the latter standing as a beacon of freedom to the world.

Somehow, Steve never managed to notice that no matter how bright he was, Bucky was always there to play the part of his shadow. Namor, on the other hand, absolutely understood the dynamic between the two when they didn’t. For every one of Captain America’s awe-inspiring victories, Bucky was the one clearing the way in a lethal fashion. As a superhero, it is perfectly understandable that Steve would take pride in keeping his hands blood free, but as a soldier, it is genuinely surprising that he assumed anyone else was doing the same.

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Namor is One of Captain America’s Oldest and Best Allies

captain america sentinel of liberty 7 always has been

This divide between Captain America and the Winter Soldier isn’t just something that was merely necessitated by their positions during the Second World War but is something that is now and has always been an indelible part of their relationship. It isn’t a bad thing, either, no matter how uncomfortable it has made Steve on a personal level. His sensibilities might not line up with the lines that Bucky is willing to cross, yet they have never had to in any meaningful way. At least, not when Steve’s other allies are willing to cross those very same lines on his behalf.

Just like Sharon Carter before him, Namor has no problem offering to walk into the shadows with Bucky where Captain America cannot. It’s an almost shocking turn for the King of Atlantis, one which drives home just how much their time as Invaders meant to him. Assuming it still means that much to Bucky, Marvel’s New Revolution might not be nearly as alone in his latest endeavors as he thinks. While he might not have Steve at his side, what Namor has to offer both of them is sure to be invaluable.