If you like Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you’ll like these Marvel comics

The comics version of the Midnight Sons debuted in a 1990s crossover, but although they fought Lilith and characters like Blade and Doctor Strange were involved, it doesn’t resemble Firaxis’s Marvel’s Midnight Suns that much. The comic-book cross-branding promotion version of events has a completely different Ghost Rider, who is named Danny Ketch and a bit of a tool, a version of Caretaker who is an old man, and also Morbius the Living Vampire is there.

It’s all extremely 1990s, with Johnny Blaze wearing a trench coat and sunglasses at night while toting a shotgun that shoots hellfire. Honestly, it’s not that great.

The Midnight Sons and Lilith, as they were in 1992. (Image credit: Marvel)

Marvel brought the Midnight Sons back over the years, most recently in a new series that switches the name to Midnight Suns and has a lineup a bit closer to the videogame, although it doesn’t follow the game’s story. But if you’re enjoying the characters in videogame form, the best way to find out more about them is by reading some stories about whoever you’re having fun hanging out with.

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