Miles Morales is Part of Marvel’s Deadliest Team-Up With Kraven

The following contains major spoilers for Spider-Man #3, available now from Marvel Comics.

Alongside the unraveling of the secret history of the Multiverse has come the emergence of a threat both ancient and brand new – Shathra. Although she hasn’t spent much time in the spotlight, this malevolent, insectile deity has spent countless years plotting the destruction of the Spider-Verse and the reshaping of the Web of Life and Destiny. To this end, she has infected some of the greatest heroes the Marvel Universe has ever known. Even though Miles Morales is one of them, he isn’t letting that stop him from embarking on the most harrowing adventure of all time.

After coming face-to-face with Shathra’s Wasp infected Spiders, Peter Parker and his few remaining allies have come to realize that they are all that is left standing between the Multiverse and total annihilation. Not only that, but their own numbers are thinning, as Miles has become the latest hero to fall to Shathra’s influence. As seen in the pages of Spider-Man #3 (by Dan Slott, Mark Bagley, John Dell, Edgar Delgado, and VC’s Joe Caramagna), Miles has managed to maintain an unexpected amount of composure in spite of his ongoing transformation. Of course, that doesn’t make his condition any better, although it does make Miles the perfect person to lead a direct assault against Shathra.

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Miles Morales is Leading the Spider-Verse’s Latest Suicide Mission

Miles Morales is Part of Marvel’s Deadliest Team-Up With Kraven

With help from the others, Miles takes his leave for Loomworld, the ancient dimension that Shathra calls home. There he can do as much damage as possible before succumbing to her influence, and once he does, he will be far from his allies. At least, all save for one, as Kraven the Hunter-Spider has chosen to embark upon this quest alongside Miles. The mission itself is already designed for utter disaster, so the loss of another Spider to it seems counterintuitive on the surface. On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that this is the only good decision when it comes to what to do with both Miles and Kraven where the rest of the team is concerned.

Apart from the threat posed by Miles, Kraven the Hunter-Spider on his own is as formidable as any opponent, and quite likely just as unhinged. During his time as a hero on his own world, Kraven slaughtered numerous villains, antiheroes, and really anyone else who got in his way. All of these opponents ended up dead, stuffed, and displayed inside his grotesque trophy room. There is no reason to think he wouldn’t turn on his allies the moment that Shathra has been dealt with.

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Kraven and Miles Morales Are The Two Most Brutal Spider-Heroes

spider man 3 suicide mission

On top of all this, there is the simple fact that no one else can do as much damage as Kraven or Miles. While the former literally chewed his way through a swarm of Wasps, the latter has amassed whatever power Shathra’s influence has to offer besides his own. All this coupled with both Spiders’ absolute willingness to fight to the death paints a picture of two heroes who could end up being what turns Shathra’s plot on its head, assuming they survive long enough to do so.

After everything they have been through already, there is no reason to think that Miles and Kraven won’t be successful in disrupting Shathra’s plans, even if they don’t undo them entirely. And, if nothing else, Kraven gives the rest of the heroes an added layer of protection against Miles when he finally gives in to his new nature. For his sake, here’s hoping the Spider-Verse will be saved long before it comes to that.

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