‘Front or back?’ — Sharkpartyqq poses an important question with an obvious answer in her Cammy White cosplay

Cammy tends to be one of the more popular characters in the Street Fighter series. In addition to being a semi-regular top tier, her appearance and outfit are also quite appealing to fans.

We recently took notice of a question being posed by Sharkpartyqq on her Instagram page as she was cosplaying as Cammy from Street Fighter. It’s a rather simple question. While showing both angles of her cosplay, Sharkpartyqq asked “Front or back?”

Of course, this seems to be a rhetorical question as the answer seems obvious. After all, one of the most iconic things about Cammy is her unique green leotard.

It would seem that the advantage of donning this green leotard is the ease of mobility for the legs, which should theatrically make it easier to perform techniques like the Spiral Arrow or the Cannon Spike. However, this outfit’s design naturally reveals a lot to spectators. Of course, if the opponent gets distracted during the fight then that’d be an extra benefit as well.

Sharkpartyqq’s cosplay of Cammy appears to mostly reference Cammy’s appearance in Street Fighter 5. There’s no green camouflage paint on the legs which is something that can be spotted on Cammy in Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 4, but is noticeably absent in Street Fighter 5.

Check out Sharkpartyqq’s cosplay of Cammy below:


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