Morbius Celebrates One Year Of Meme Excellence

Morbius is one year old and the memes are back on social media to celebrate. Jared Leto’s t4rip into the Marvel universe wasn’t exactly a smash hit. But, you’d be hard pressed to find a movie from last year that inspired more memes and at the sheer volume that Morbius did. While the Marvel legend probably won’t pop up in the MCU anytime soon. The strange release cycle of the Leto project and ensuing rerelease in theaters after the “It’s Morbin Time” post took off will probably be studied in classrooms at some point in the future. had the pleasure of talking to the VFX team that worked on Morbius.

“And they just decided that they wanted to go in a different direction with the fight, I think [Daniel Espinosa] thought it was a bit more dramatic underground. So we had found these pictures of some of these under construction, subway tunnels that actually exist in New York. And some that have just been sitting there and never finished,” the VFX supervisor said. “And there were these just gigantic caverns with these four tunnels done at the end that each could fit the size of a subway through them. So we saw some of these pictures and Daniel really liked the idea of ​​them sort of just punching down through the ground as they fight on this construction building. And finishing the fight where he can take advantage of gathering up all these bats and defeat Milo in a more dramatic sort of fashion than we had in the outdoors.”

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