Elizabeth Olsen Reacts to “Spoiling” Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel star Elizabeth Olsen spoiled Avengers: Infinity War in plain sight – but somehow her Scarlet Witch Hex powers made it so that they didn’t get in nearly as much trouble for dropping Marvel Cinematic Universe spoilers as other actors have.

Olsen took a trip down memory lane when appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, as she and host Josh Horowitz go way back – all the way back to a sketch they both filmed with Aubrey Plaza (Agatha: Coven of Chaos) in 2017 when her movie with Plaza (Ingrid Goes West) was released. In the sketch, Olsen makes the “joke” that at the end of the next Avengers movie (Infinity War) “Thanos is like ‘Give me the Infinity Gauntlet!’ and Scarlet Witch is like ‘I don’t think so!’ [Hex power sounds]”

In the sketch, Horowitz and Plaza pretend to be irate at the spoilers Olsen drops, with Horowitz (jokingly) inquiring if she really just spoiled the end of Infinity War for them (and everyone else). Olsen’s response was “No. Because everybody dies… I thought everyone knew that.”

Horowitz confirms in the interview that they shot the sketch in 2017 – at a time when Olsen definitely knew the actual ending to Avengers: Infinity War. So what made her so brazen as to reveal the biggest twist in modern film history (the “dusting” of all those MCU superheroes and half of all life) in plain sight?

In a word: deniability. Horowitz revealed that “I wrote that line for you – you didn’t seem to bat an eye. I’m curious can you recall any hesitation?”

“No I think I thought like ‘Oh, people aren’t gonna think this is the ending because I’m saying it in a sketch [laughs]… I don’t know what’s it called when you get them off your trail? That’s what I felt like. I think that maybe that was the thought I had.”

The Scarlet Witch actress quickly up-ended her own image as a Usual Suspects Keyser Söze mastermind, by admitting that she may not have had all that much of a plan – at all:

“That might be giving myself too much credit if I thought about it at all – which there’s a potential I didn’t.”

Elizabeth Olsen Reacts to “Spoiling” Avengers: Infinity War
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Luckily for Elizabeth Olsen, Film Twitter never caught on that her “comedy sketch” was serious until after Avengers: Infinity War was out, and hindsight became 20/20. Olsen isn’t repentant, either, basically stating that she thinks she’s somehow immune to Marvel’s team of snipers that keep actors in check:

“People… other actors have always made jokes about – you know, there’s like SHEILD or Kevin Feige will come out and get mad at you or you’ll be reprimanded. I have a feeling I’ve ruined multiple things many times and no one has ever talked to me about it. So I think it’s fine [laughs].”

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