Amazing Spider-Man

Marvel Confirms Major Character Death Is Coming

After spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #26 leaked online Tuesday morning, Marvel decided to bare all by the afternoon. Instead of waiting for the issue’s release on May 31st, the House of Ideas went ahead and unveiled the character that’s being killed off in a highly … Read More

Amazing Spider-Man #26 Spoilers Leak Online

Spoiler warning: the “most shocking issue of Amazing Spider-Man in fifty years” has leaked online. Marvel Comics is warning readers to use the web with caution after pages from The Amazing Spider-Man #26 found their way onto social media — revealing major spoilers two weeks … Read More

The Secret Origin of Mary Jane Revealed

Following more than a year of anticipation surrounding the time jump and mysterious set up found in Amazing Spider-Man #1, the oversized anniversary issue of Amazing Spider-Man #25 finally reveals what happened to Mary Jane while trapped in an alternate dimension and how Peter Parker’s … Read More

Meet Spider-Boy, Spider-Man’s New Sidekick

Marvel has revealed the top-secret Spider-Hero that will be introduced in next week’s issue of Spider-Man. Celebrated Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott is back in the franchise he loves so much, penning a new volume of Spider-Man with artist Mark Bagley, who is no stranger … Read More