Comic Reviews

A Glamorous, Grindhouse Good Time

X-Terminators #1 is a mood. Actually, it’s a couple of moods. There’s the girls’ night out vibe that comes from getting mutant party girls Dazzler, Jubilee, and Boom-Boom together at a bar. Then there’s the grindhouse vibe that comes from having said mutant party girls … Read More

A Solid Start for What’s Still to Come

In the expansive list of Marvel superhero ensembles, Midnight Suns (or Midnight Sons, as it has more often been called) is one of the lesser known teams. First established in the 1990s, Midnight Suns is a group formed by Ghost Rider that has prominently featured … Read More

An Artistic Odyssey and Silver Age Love Letter

Thanks to his work on comics like Kingdom Come spirit Marvel’s, alongside many impressive covers, Alex Ross has become one of the most iconic artists in the comic book industry. When you think of Ross’s style, known for its realistic depiction of superheroes and use … Read More

A Mutant Riff on Top 10 Excellence

A colorful collection of characters, each possessing idiosyncratic powers, patrol a world of wonders bound by portals and filled with mysteries that defy the imagination to keep the peace. This synopsis is an apt description of both Top 10 (first published in 1999) and Legion … Read More

Punisher # 1 Review: Frank Castle Doesn’t Cape

The murder of Frank Castle’s family is spared much mockery in superhero comics for being overshadowed by Martha Wayne’s falling pearls, but it remains an eyeball dislocating cliche of imagery in Punisher comics. This makes Paul Azaceta’s depiction of their slaughter all the more impressive … Read More

An Intriguing Start Nearly Undercuts Itself

Jed MacKay and Marcelo Ferreira’s new Strange series begins with a bang, literally, at least one on the door. The surprise that this creative team brings to the threshold of The Sanctum Sanctorum in these first pages cements this new series’ place quite firmly in … Read More