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Sarah Michelle Gellar was almost cast in Fight Club

Sarah Michelle GellarPhoto: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images for AB (Getty Images) Former TV vampire ass-kicker Sarah Michelle Gellar knows a little something about iconic roles. The Buffy The Vampire Slayer actor portrayed one of the most beloved characters of her era as the tenacious Buffy … Read More

Marvel Unveils Its 2023 Avengers Team

Image: Stuart Immonen/Marvel Comics Every couple of years, Marvel Comics’ Avengers shakes up its roster so the creative team on hand can tell new stories that will eventually rise to cataclysmic heights. Since 2018, Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness’ run has put Earth’s Mightiest Heroes … Read More

Don Lee Rumored to Return as Gilgamesh

Image: Marvel Studios Rian Johnson talks navigating his preternaturally insightful detective in Poker Face. Chad L. Coleman teases his Superman & Lois turn. Plus, a new look at Shadow and Bone‘s return. Spoilers, away! Eternals 2 It appears Don Lee’s talent agency have confirmed the … Read More