Spoiler Warning • • • Waited a week to post my painting of Eros What a great en

🚨Spoiler Warning🚨•••Waited a week to post my painting of ✨Eros✨ What a great end credits! Super excited to see what Harry brings to the role and what part Starfox will play in the MCU.@TheEternals @Harry Styles @asadayaz #HarryStyles #starfox #eros #eternals pic.twitter.com/51zAfnszFZ — mmartinez_art (@mmartinez_art) … Read More

Eros is known a

Eros is known as the god of love and sex! . Hey! are you a Marvel fan?😎 Check out this page for a ton of Marvel content daily!🎉🎉🤩 ⭕ MCU Updates ✔ ⭕ Behind the scenes ✔ ⭕ Easter Eggs ✔ ⭕ Best Scenes ✔ … Read More