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Hulu kills Marvel’s MODOK

MODOKImage: Marvel Tragic news in the supervillain community today, as Variety reports that MODOK has now been converted to MODOFGCBH, ie, the Mental Organism Designed Only For Getting Canceled By Hulu. That’s right: The stop-motion animated series has been killed off at the streaming service … Read More

Taika Waititi Says Thor 4 Has An Unexpected Romance

Screenshot: Marvel Entertainment / YouTube The next Marvel Studios film is slated to hit theaters this summer and director Taika Waititi recently chatted with Empire about what to expect in Thor: Love and Thunder, promising “a film about love, with superheroes and outer space.” But … Read More

Marvel will submit Loki as a drama series at Emmys

Tom Hiddleston, presumably explaining that Loki is a limited series Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images for Disney) For too long the limited series category at the Emmys has been an affront to people who like clear, honest delineations in award ceremonies. The qualifications for … Read More