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No Way Home Marvel Script now online for free

Three Spider-Man vs. Three villains!Picture: Sony Imageworks After over a month in the cinema, Spider-Man: No Way Home is still number one at the box office. And although it is rumored to come home for digital download in late February, today you can even take … Read More

Belle Interview with Mamoru Hosoda

Picture: GKIDS When we meet the main character in the visionary Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda’s new animated film Belle, she rides on the head of a humpback whale floating through the air. The whale’s body is equipped with a series of jewelery-like speakers that blow … Read More

Read Dune, Last Night in Soho, more

Paul looks like he’s ready to read, right?Photo: Warner Bros. Watching a movie is one thing. Reading one is something completely different– which, admittedly, sounds like the most obvious statement ever written: “rreading is different from seeing. “You are welcome to the ingenious insight. But … Read More

Batman actor Ben Affleck was his Kal-El

Ben Affleck as Superman? It was discussed long before 2006’s Hollywoodland, seen here.Picture: Focus functions There are few pop culture stories more fascinating than those about projects that were under development, however never happened. George Millers Justice League. James Camerons Spider Man. Tim Burtons Superman. … Read More