Jared Leto

First 10 Minutes Released Online

The Summer of Morbius is here! Sony’s Marvel movie starring Jared Leto did not have quite the impact on the box office when it arrived at the start of April, but the movie could get a second wind in living rooms around the country. Tuesday … Read More

“They Really Messed With It”

Morbius has been in theaters for less than a month, and it definitely made a mark in the superhero movie community. The film is rumored to hit homes worldwide sooner rather than later and it could be due to the films dismal response. Morbius was … Read More

Morbius Digital Date Reportedly Revealed

Morbius will soon make its way to homes around the world after a lackluster theater run. It was the second spin-off in Sony Pictures’ universe of Spider-Man characters, and it definitely felt like it. The film is set in the same universe as Tom Hardy’s … Read More