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Blade Filming Start Date Reportedly Revealed

A new listing suggests Mahershala Ali’s Blade is just weeks away from beginning principal photography. It’s been reported for a few months now that Blade was expected to start rolling cameras in July, and a new report on Production Listing reveals the exact date in … Read More

Blade Was Never Considered for Series

Moon Knight did a good amount at setting up the darker, more horror-centric corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Throughout its six episodes, the eponymous vigilante battled demons, gods, and mummy priests that ripped out one poor sap’s organs while he was still alive. Throughout … Read More

Marvel Comics Re-Introduces Blade’s Daughter

Image: Ernanda Souza / Marvel Comics Set your mind back to Marvel Comics in 2015, during their “All New, All Different Marvel”Period, where several legacy heroes were being replaced by younger, more diverse counterparts after the universe-altering events of Secret Wars. While many of those … Read More