Marvel Announces Uncanny Avengers Return

The Avengers Unity Squad is back in a new volume of Uncanny Avengers. For those who may not remember, Uncanny Avengers first launched in the aftermath of the epic Avengers vs. X-Men crossover event, helmed by Rick Remender and John Cassady. The team featured members … Read More

Marvel Teases the Omni-Avengers

The “Avengers Assemble” crossover event has introduced fans to several variants of their favorite Marvel heroes, but its penultimate issue also teases something called “Omni-Avengers.” We’re almost at the end of Jason Aaron’s run on Avengers, and he’s going out with a big, bombastic story … Read More

Wakanda Forever Wins Best Costume Design

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever costume designer Ruth E. Carter has won her second Academy Award. Sunday night at the 95th Academy Awards, Carter won the Oscar for Best Costume Design for the Marvel film. The win makes her the first Black woman to win two … Read More