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Love and Thunder’ Premiere Date

Disney+ Day will be full of love and thunder. Disney announced the lineup for its “Disney+ Day” next month, a day in which the company hypes its streaming service with a bunch of splashy premieres and some extra perks at its theme parks for Disney+ … Read More

The Correct Viewing Order of Marvel Movies

Just like the real universe, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is always expanding. Every few months Marvel releases a new blockbuster or TV series to Disney+ — or both. Trying to join the narrative in progress is almost impossible. Trying to go back and watch it … Read More

Marvel Has a Third Act Problem

After a couple dozen movies, Marvel’s movies tend to have a set story formula: In the end, the major conflicts are resolved in an enormous battle scene with the fate of the entire world (or at least a large portion of it) hanging in the … Read More