New Nintendo Switch Mickey Mouse Game Looks Like A Cartoon

Screenshots: Disney Revealed today during the somewhat underwhelming Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, Illusion Island is a new 2D, animated platformer being developed by DLaLa Studios and which seems to be heavily inspired by the recent (and fantastic) animated Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts. And strangely, … Read More

Every Game At The Event

Screenshots: Disney / Marvel / Kotaku Although it might’ve felt like it Kinda funny‘s Blessing Adeoye Jr. was talking at 1.75x speed about upcoming games and world premieres, Disney duck Marvel’s D23 stream event did managive two show a few games that weren’t just cinematic … Read More

Fortnite Rumor Claims Miles Morales Is Coming

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 officially started today, bringing two new Marvel characters to the game: Dr. Strange and the Prowler. Fortnite‘s take on the Prowler seems to be inspired by the Aaron Davis version, and where Uncle Aaron goes, Miles Morales is rarely far … Read More