Points: PAC-ing for Zeldin? | News day

New fundraising figures show Gov. Kathy Hochul fundraising at a clip that puts her millions ahead of rep. Lee Zeldin, while the Shirley Republican is still pushing other candidates out for the GOP nomination. All of this means that Zeldin certainly would not mind external … Read More

The Point: Protection game | News day

In China, all Olympic athletes, team staff and news media must be vaccinated to enter any Olympic area without going through a 21-day quarantine. In other words, there will be no case of Novak Djokovic in Beijing. Republican insiders say many GOP candidates for 2022 … Read More

From small black bags to telesealth

Making home visits, my father would say, helped him understand his Florida patients in a new way. There was a Marcus Welby trait in the way he was able to gain insight into their diseases and potential health risks. He might notice a dangerous staircase, … Read More

Refuses to see our world of gray

Now you have probably discovered a note about – what should we call it: fatalism, resignation, realization of reality? – sneaking into the language of President Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other public figures addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of taking on the virus, … Read More

Alec Baldwin’s Anxiety and Anxiety

In August, actor Alec Baldwin came to the lawn of our church in the Orient. He held the introductory talk in our series called “Spirituality in the Light of …” His topic was “Spirituality in the Light of COVID.” Baldwin hit a kind of lecture … Read More

The point: In the news | News day

Welcome to this week’s news quiz, based on events that took place this week. As usual, enter the answer for each clue, one letter per blank. The first letter of each answer, taken in order, spells the name of the US senator who said this … Read More

Masks protect us | News day

Since the pandemic began, we have had to adapt regularly to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. We started wearing masks, taking social distance and depending on our profession work from home. When COVID-19 was first discovered, there was so much we did not … Read More

Race policy and COVID reactions

The already polarized conversation about medical reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic has got race politics into the mix. A December 27 memo from the New York State Department of Health on the lack of monoclonal antibody treatment products for COVID-19 seemed to say that racial … Read More

Points: Suozzi State

Rep. Tom Suozzi, who ran for governor, traveled to Buffalo during the fall to rally for Byron Brown, the incumbent who lost the Democratic primary but won an unlikely enrollment campaign. Unfortunately for the Long Island Democrat, this week Brown backed Governor Kathy Hochul, Suozzi’s … Read More